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2024 Upgraded 4th-Gen LSplus Series | BRIGHTEST & STABLEST


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Jul 6, 2023
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Ontario. California
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Ford Ranger
LSplus has always been the brightest and most high-performance series from Lasfit, and in 2024, we upgrade to the 4th-Gen LSplus series. Whether you are starting your day's work in the early morning before sunrise or returning home after a busy day's work late at night, you can choose the 4th gen LSplus as your trusted partner to safely accompany you home. Whether you are overlanding, exploring, off-roading, or working on vehicles with a group of off-road enthusiasts, or camping with your family in the outdoors, Lasfit 4th gen LSplus can provide you with safety and illumination for the road ahead. Today, we are delighted to introduce in detail the upgraded 4th-Gen LSplus series and how it can bring you the brightest and stablest experience!

Maximize Visibility with the Brightest LED Bulb
The LSplus series, as Lasfit's brightest product line, has been continuously upgraded throughout the years. The 4th generation LSplus series, launched in 2024, has even higher brightness!
Not only has the wattage increased from 50W in the third generation to 65W, but the lumen value has also risen from 5000LM to 6500LM! In terms of the LED chips, the third generation LSplus series used 6 PCS 80MIL LED bulbs in a single beam, while the 4th generation LSplus series has been upgraded to 12 PCS 4575 66*66 MIL LED bulbs. Compared to the factory halogen bulbs, it has a 700% improvement in brightness. Whether you are off-roading at night or driving on country roads without streetlights, the 4th generation LSplus series can provide you with excellent illumination, allowing you to enjoy the ultimate brightness and driving experience!
The 4th generation LSplus series has a light-emitting center spacing of 1.5MM, achieving a beam pattern that is nearly perfect as halogen bulbs. Even if you find the beam pattern not ideal after installation, the 4th generation LSplus series is equipped with a 360-degree adjustable socket, allowing you to manually rotate it to adjust to the perfect beam pattern.
The 4th-Gen LSplus series is currently the brightest among all Lasfit product lines. If you are a vehicle owner with a strong pursuit of brightness, come and choose this upgraded LSplus series!
11.Lasfit LSplus H11 LED Bulbs LED chips upgraded.jpeg

Longer Lifespan. Less Reduced Efficiency
When the headlights are running, they generate an amount of heat, leading to an increase in the temperature of the bulb. If the heat is not dissipated in a timely manner, the high temperature can affect the function of the headlights and even cause dead light. The 4th generation LSplus series is equipped with a 1.5MM copper substrate, compared to the third generation which had only one heat tube, the 4th generation LSplus series has two heat tubes. These heat tubes quickly conduct heat away when it is generated, preventing excess heat accumulation.
Additionally, the 4th generation LSplus series is covered with aluminum and has an internal fin heat sink, along with an improved 30MM ball-bearing fan that still maintains a speed of 15000+ RPM, providing excellent heat dissipation. This makes the heat promptly expelled from the bulb through these cooling devices, preventing the headlights from becoming excessively hot.
Furthermore, the 4th generation LSplus series adopts an external driver and an intelligent temperature control system, which can regulate the temperature rise of the headlights to maintain a stable temperature.
Improved heat dissipation performance means that heat can be efficiently eliminated from the bulb, reducing the risk of reduced efficiency and extending the lifespan of the headlights. This enhances the stability and durability of the headlights.
6.Lasfit LSplus H11 LED Bulbs 4th gen LSplus upgraded.jpeg

Smooth Experience. Free Error & Anti Hyperflash
Many drivers have experienced issues such as dashboard errors, hyperflash, or interference with rear cameras after installing LED lights. This is often due to the lower wattage of LED lights compared to the factory halogen bulbs. When the vehicle's computer detects a difference in headlight wattage or current, it may trigger the mentioned symptoms to alert the driver to check.
So, how can this issue be resolved? Usually, you can choose a CB decoder or an RD decoder to address this problem. However, if the wattage of the aftermarket LED bulbs can be increased, it can reduce the likelihood of dashboard errors, hyperflash, or interference with rear cameras caused by wattage or current differences.
The wattage of the factory halogen bulbs typically ranges from 55W to 65W, while the 4th generation LSplus series has been upgraded to 65W, making the LED headlight power comparable to halogen bulbs. This will allow you to minimize the aforementioned troubles and enjoy the upgraded, brightest LED bulbs with greater satisfaction and comfort after installation.
10.Lasfit LSplus H11 LED Bulbs generation decoder and canbus system.jpeg

Easy Installation - You can install these LSplus LED bulbs
It is not a big deal to install the 4th LSplus series LED bulbs!
For a headlight housing with a dust cover, you can follow the installation steps below:
Step 1: Remove the dust cover.
Step 2: Twist the halogen bulb counterclockwise, and then pull it off.
Step 3: Insert the LSplus series LED bulb into the housing and rotate to secure the headlight.
Step 4: Connect the plug and put the dust cover back on.

Installation tips:
1. If your headlight housing with a dust cover, after installing the LED bulbs, please check if the headlight is working properly. If it is, then put the dust cover back on.
2. To ensure optimal beam pattern with LSplus series, make sure the LED chips are facing face to face, at the 3 o'clock to 9 o'clock position. Pay attention to the installation orientation of dual-beam LED bulbs (H4/H13/9004/9007). The narrower side of the aluminum component should be facing downwards, and the wider side facing upwards. You can click here to see a specific picture illustrating the installation of the LED chips.
3. The 4th generation LSplus series LED bulbs have a 30MM-sized rear heat sink after the upgrade. Please make sure your housing space is enough to install this LED bulb.
4. The 4th generation LSplus series comes with an external driver. If your headlight housing does not have a dust cover, you can use a zip tie to secure the external driver to the bracket surrounding the headlight housing.
7.Lasfit LSplus H11 LED Bulbs 10 mins installation.jpeg

Confidence in Purchase. Reliable Warranty Policy
● 45 Days Money-Back Guarantee
If you are interested in this all-new upgraded 4th-Gen LSplus series and would like to place an order with confidence to experience these LED bulbs, rest assured that we provide a 45-day unconditional refund policy. If the brightness or performance of the product does not meet your expectations, you can return the product to us and we will provide you with a free shipment label.
● 2-Year Hassle-Free Warranty
Lasfit offers a hassle-free return policy and a 2-year warranty. In the event of any quality issues, we provide an easy exchange or return with a provided return label.
● Experience at Our Local Store in CA
If you would like to personally experience the brightness of these all-new upgraded LED bulbs before making a purchase, we warmly welcome you to visit our local store in CA. If you plan to visit, please contact us in advance to make an appointment.
9.Lasfit LSplus H11 LED Bulbs warranty policy.jpeg

If you are interested in these ultra-bright and ultra-stable LED bulbs, bring them home quickly! Let them become your good companion for daily commutes or outdoor adventures!

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