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  1. Distributor for a 2.8 Duraspark Conversion?

    Im trying to get the ranger running, but I cant find a distributor anywhere for it, its been converted to duraspark, I just cant find a distributor anywhere that will work, any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated Just in case, its a 2.8 V6, 1984 Ranger
  2. Se7enth Sol

    Camshaft and Crankshaft Sensor type in 1997 Ranger

    I am fitting a custom Megasquirt 3X (MS3X) ECU to my 1997 4.0L Ford Ranger Engine that I am swapping into my 1990 Bronco II. To correctly assemble the ECU I am trying to figure out what type of Camshaft and Crankshaft sensor are used in the 4.0 motor. I'm assuming the crank signal comes from a...
  3. Manual Ranger - diagnosing a possible dragging clutch

    Hi everyone My 2008 4.0 Manual transmission is having problem going into first and sometimes third When shifting into first from a stop I hear a thud - and this is the driveshaft moving slightly ( I watched my buddy put it in gear while I was underneath) sometimes this is of off and on and...
  4. Biggie

    Need a diagnosis! Pulleys, belts, or transmission?

    My 2.9L with an A4LD has begun making this noise at around 4000 RPMs, but once I drop below or gain about 500 RPMs the noise goes away. What gives? Sorry for posting twice in such a short time frame, just trying to get as much information as possible.
  5. Oil dip stick tube

    OK, I messed up, I have a 1993 Ford Ranger 4.0 truck. I am in the process of putting a remanufactured long block in it. I forgot to put the oil dip stick tube back in and now I have the engine back I and transmission and I have no idea how to put the tube back in or even the way it is supposed...
  6. Oil filter thread insert

    Hello, I am putting a brand new long block 4.0l OHV in my 1993 ford ranger. The new engine came with a 90 degree insert for the oil filter meaning the oil filter will dump oil everywhere when removed, I have the adapter to put on the engine to make the filter hang straight down making it less...
  7. Rogja

    Anti-theft no PATS starting issue.

    Okay I know this has been asked a ton. But I can’t get clarification for my own problem with my ranger. Its a 97 XLT super cab. 4.0 with a manual and 4x4. the other day I tilted my steering wheel up after shutting off truck. And the ‘alarm’ system went off and since then won’t reset. I don’t...
  8. 86 Ford ranger 2.9L lurching issue

    Hey guys, new to the forum here! Having an issue and could use a little help. Truck starts and idles fine. Runs fine for a bit but once it is warmed up if I accelerate hard it lurches and stutters a bit. Then it slowly gets a little worse until eventually it won’t accelerate and will stall. Wait...
  9. Ranger Problems....

    So, I have a '94 Ford Ranger 4.0 4×4 Pick-up truck. We keep having to put in new clutches as we do a lot of heavy load hauling and I guess we didn't get a heavy duty enough clutch. However, since our most recent clut h replacement I'd say about 2 days after picking it up its been doingbthis...
  10. 2.9 to 4.0 swap electrical wiring question! PLEASE HELP?

    Ok I’m new to the ranger station have read many write ups on the 4.0 swap but first time posting. Original Vehicle: 1992 Ford ranger STX 2.9 4x4 manual trans donor vehicle: 1994 Ford ranger XLT 4.0 4x4 manual trans I actually done a chassi swap left all harness intact with the motor and...
  11. Devvonc94

    Iso 2.3l i4 head

    Hello everyone I have a 1994 Ford ranger 2.3 with the i4. Everywhere here in new Mexico is telling me the only cylinder heads they have for this truck are cracked. The head I removed from my truck is cracked as well and I'd like to get my truck on the road. Does anyone have a spare 2.3l head...
  12. 2.3l95rangerHomeD.i.yER Q's??

    Hey Guys, first post on this site and am excited to learn what other have done.! So i just kinda inherented my ex girls friends VERY 1st vehicle(so it means alot to her i guess.. idk lool) 1995 Ford Ranger 2.3l SOHC 5spd 3.73 2nd owner@115k. cool little pick up. perfect truck ..fromdude wrecks...
  13. 2.3L ('83-'97) Fuel Rail Feed & Return

    I'm needing to know which line is feed and which line is return. (1997 Mazda B2300/Ford Ranger 2.3L) Also I would like for a pitch in of ideas for converting these to AN fittings. As well as how to remove the fuel pressure regulator (I have an aftermarket one). Thank you, Trevor.
  14. Gangwer296

    Alternator plug HELP

    My 4.0 1991 ranger has a pig tail unlike any replacement alternators at orielly. It is the style with two outer clips instead of the more round single clip connection. Do I need to just replace this pig tail?? I’m currently broken down I’m going to replace the alternator in the morning when...
  15. Nax6401

    Does a 88 ranger axel easily swap into a 96ranger?

    I am at the junk yard and found a F7 axel off a 1988 ford ranger and I was wondering if it is an easy swap into a 1996 ranger XLT 2wd with a 2.3 L4
  16. BearitvRanger

    Galley Oil Plug locations 2.9L v6

    1989 ford ranger, 2.9v6 manual STX I could really use some help locating where this Galley plug is supposed to go there is 3 in total, two are already installed on the back of the block just next to the freeze plug. (if you look to the front of the block, left, you see a galley plug is...
  17. Seth_

    Manual transmission swap problems

    So ive decided to take on the quest of a body swap from my 2008 ranger 2wd on to another 2008 but 4.0 automatic 4x4 and it ran and drove in the previous truck. Ive completed the swap but im running into problems with doing a manual transmission swap into said truck. I have changed any harnesses...
  18. Difference between USA Ford Ranger and Euro for Ranger

    Hi, I am in the process of buying a pick up truck camper from Go Fast Campers in the USA. They make it for the USA Ford Ranger, and I have been working on the basis that it will also fit the Euro ford ranger. Before I actually get it built and shipped, I would like to do what I can to check...
  19. RuralRangerRoadin

    Looking for a Mentor, pretty please with sprinkles on top

    I'm an owner of a '11 Ranger 2.3L 4cyl automatic, and possibly about to purchase a' 94 manual. 99.99% positive after replacing the shift solenoids in my '11 that the issue does indeed lie in the tranny and I'm getting ready to take it out of commission to tackle an increasingly daunting to-do...
  20. Stabilitrak and help

    Was wondering if my 2005 Ford Ranger 2WD has stabilitrak or not? Wanted to make sure before I lifted it. And is there any other truck mods that could turn my little white truck into a meaner newer truck?

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