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97 Ranger Turbo Help


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Nov 20, 2023
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Ford Ranger
Okay so to start off I’ve scoured this forum and have found a lot of helpful information but I’m still unsure of what the best route would be so I have a couple options.
I have a 97 2.3 xlt 5 speed that I’m looking to turbo and daily drive. Obviously the easy way is to swap a turbo motor/ecu in but I know this would require a lot of work. If I were to do it this way, what all would be entailed being as it’s an obd2 truck. Is it possible to modify the harness to adapt to the obd1 motor or maybe swap some sensors from new to old? Or Would it just be easier/cheaper to build the current motor and and a turbo kit and flash the current ecu? Thanks for any and all help and I’ll keep everyone updated

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