Decepticon T6 Ranger

One of the first things I notice about this 2018 Ford Ranger T6 is a Transformers – Decepticon vibe. The goal of the Decepticon’s was total domination, and this Ford Ranger looks like it’s ready to totally dominate a trail somewhere. Why am I showing you this 2018 Ford Ranger? Because it’s built on the same platform as the upcoming 2019 Ford Ranger that will hit the USA in 2019. This is a taste of what the new Ford Ranger can look like with a 6-inch lift and 35-inch tires.

The aggressive look is helped by the Powerdome hood scoop, extended fender flares, huge Ford grill, TJM snorkel, and Nikom Open-N front bumper. Other exterior features include Tmax Eboards (electric powered drop down running boards), Nikom Open-N rear bumper, Bakflip bed cover, and Clear View side mirrors.

The truck gets its lift from a Option4WD 6-Inch lift kit, Lovells coil springs, and rides on 20×12 Cleaver Fuel Alloy Wheels wrapped in 35×12.5×20 Nitto Mud Tires. The underside of this Ranger also features an Option4WD skid plate, Option4WD torque arm, and an Amada Space Arm rear sway bar.

The brakes have been upgraded with a Stop Tech big brake system, and performance has been improved with a DP Chip diesel power performance chip, and Plug N Go throttle controller.

It’s may be a dramatic switch from the Ford Ranger’s that we’re accustomed to, but it’s definitely a pretty cool looking truck.


  • Option4wd 6 inch Lift Kit
  • Option4wd UCA
  • Option4wd skidplate
  • Option4wd torque arm
  • Ridemax Supreme Shocks
  • Lovells coil springs
  • Nikom Open-N (front bumper)
  • Nikom Open-N (rear bumper)
  • Tmax Eboard (running boards)
  • Fuel Cleaver Alloy Wheels in 20×12 (ET -44)
  • Nitto Mud Tire 35 ×12.5×20
  • Tjm intake snorkel
  • Clear View side mirrors
  • Stop Tech Big brake system
  • HKS sports exhaust system
  • Dp chip
  • Plug N Go (throttle control)
  • Bakflip bed cover
  • Amada Space Arm Sway Bar
  • Tinted / Tinted windows


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