Banner Across North America (Alaska-Florida) Part-2

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Part 2:

In the last article, the banner had started in Alaska, and worked it’s way down through Canada before finally arriving in the state of Washington. You can read that story by clicking HERE.


On October 28, 2012, ‘JFA_Spyderman’ took possession of the banner as it crossed over the border of Canada and back in to the United States, and in to the state of Washington.


On November 4th, 2012, the banner was passed on to forum member ‘pyro4fun’.


pyrofun met with ‘Sunk’ so he could sign it.


On December 22nd, pyro4fun passed the banner off to ‘Danielvincent’.


On January 3rd, forum member ‘Tuner710’ met with Danielvincent in Longview Washington, and took custody of the banner.

Tuner710 displaying the banner on his Ranger in beautiful downtown Spanaway Wa


On January 5th, Tuner710 met with BronKitis so he could sign the banner, and he brought his project Bronco II along! The banner also visted the War Memorial, on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge memorial to Pierce County Medal of Honor recipients ( The original “Galloping Gertie” fell into the Narrows in the 1940’s in a windstorm as a tribute to great engineering ). Anyone recognize a more famous name on there? 

Notice ‘Gregory R. Boyington’.

That is the same Pappy Boyington that was portrayed by Robert Conrad in the TV series ‘Ba Ba Black Sheep’

Baa Baa Black Sheep’ was a book written by Boyington

More photos from Tuner710


On January 19th, Tuner710 passed the banner off to ‘thisfords4u’. On the way to meet, Tuner710 met up with forum member ‘Deathwheeze’, so he could sign the banner. 

Forum member ‘Deathwheeze’

The banner is now in Oregon. thisfords4u posted a surprises message, and it has been pasted here:


“I now have the banner. Anyone wanting it or to sign it post up or pm me.

Ok now for the suprise.. Chances MOM Melody called me back this morning. As it turns out I left a message on her sister in laws phone. Luckily she forwarded it to Melody. Anyhow, she was thrilled with the banner idea, had no idea about the last one. Well, Melody, Tuner nd his son, myself and my daughter all met at the Southerlin, Or DQ. Did some pictures and signtures then Melody led us to Chances marker, and more pictures. (Of which tuner has cause dummy me forgot my camera). I never met Chance personaly, but if he was anything like his mother, he was one fine young man. Rest in peace my brother. It was a pleasure meeting Austin (Tuner), his son , and Melody. And guess what, she has a black ranger edge.. Austin said he had about a 5 hour drive home as mine was only about 2, so wtch for the pics.”


For those that don’t know, ‘Chance’ (Chance Bruggeman) was a forum member here that wanted to take part in our first Banner Across America, but tragically dies in a traffic crash on October 7th 2010. We paid tribute to him by stopping by his grave site with the banner during that first banner adventure.

Chance’s mom Melody signing the banner

thisfords4u signing the banner

thisfords4u, his daughter, and Tuner710

Visiting Chance’s marker with the banner. A miniature of it was left.

*> A special thanks to thisfords4u and Tuner710 for making this meet with Chance’s mom possible.


On February 10th, thisfords4u passed the banner off to forum member ‘fyre82’.


On March 2nd, fyre82 passed the banner off to forum member ‘2004xlmiller’. He has taken it home to Carmichael California.

From left to right: brad (bwad), shane (swick), morgan (2004xlmiller), and rich (fyre82)

2004xlmiller signing the banner

bwad signing the banner

swick signing the banner


On March 29th, ‘Cannisseur’ met with 2004xlmiller and signed the banner along with ‘Snal’ (2004xlmiller’s room mate).

Cannisseur signing the banner

2004xlmiller, Snal, and Cannisseur


On April 6th, 2004lmiller passed the banner off to forum member ‘The Jester Race’, who then took it to Reno Nevada.

(Can anyone identify these two?)


The Jester Race was unable to continue the banner forward. The only way to get it moving again, and to keep it’s travel legitimate, was to have him send it back to a member that had it before him. So, Jester mailed it back to Tuner710.


On August 16th, Tuner710 received the banner back through the mail.


On September 22nd, Tuner710 stopped in Boise Idaho so the banner could be signed by forum members ‘wildbill23c’ and ‘dhkonrad’.

Dayne ‘dhkonrad’ on the left, his truck on the left, for his 2nd signing! William ‘wildbill23c’ on the right, his Bronco II in the center.

dhkonrad signing the banner

wildbill23c signing the banner


On September 26th, Tuner710 handed the banner off to forum member ‘Spott’ from Shelley, ID

Tuner710 on the left, and Spott on the right

Spott signing the banner

Passing of the banner

Special Note: This was a 1,500 mile round trip for Tuner710 to get this done!

Spott then handed the banner of to member ‘rangerdanger208’.

rangerdanger208 signing the banner


On October 5th, rangerdanger208 handed the banner off to forum member ‘rangurr’. From there, the banner found it’s way into Utah.

rangurr signing the banner


On October 20th, the banner was handed over to forum member ‘Tarryn’.

(Can someone please identify these people?)


On October 24th, the banner was handed off to forum member ‘getrdone52’, and finally made its way in to Colorado. 


On February 10th, forum member ‘dieseldane’ met up with getrdone52 in WaKeeney Kansas. dieseldane took the banner home to Garnett Kansas (eastern Kansas).

Not exactly a pretty day out


On March 1st, SVTDeweese and brithunsicker met up with dieseldane to sign the banner. SVTDeweese took possession of the banner, and took it to Joplin Missouri.

SVTDeweese’s truck on the left, brithunsicker’s truck on the right

The banner is still on the move. This has been a tremendous endeavor for all those involved.

Continue along with the story by clicking HERE.

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