Some members have found that you can swap the 1998 and newer tail lights on to the 1993-1997 Ford Ranger beds.

The problem is that the 1993-1997 Ranger uses a (3) bulb taillight, but only the 1998-1999 taillight still uses the (3) bulb system.

1998-1999 Taillights:

The 1998-1999 taillights are a direct swap on the 1993-1997 Ranger.

2000 Taillights:

The 2000 will work, but you have to drill a hole in the empty chamber for the third bulb to go in to. You’ll also have to file out a section so the locking tab on the bulb housing will lock in to the taillight.

From the top down the bulbs are: turn signal, brake, and reverse. In the last picture you can kind of see where the taillight was drilled and notched for the third light to go in to.

2006+ Taillights:

Above is the 2006+ taillights. It has an empty chamber below the reverse light. Since its a separate chamber, you can drill a hole to put a bulb in and it will work fine. This way you wont have to convert your (3) bulb system into a (2) bulb system.

2001-2005 Taillights:

Above is a 2001-2005 Ford Ranger taillight. As you can see it only has (1) bulb for stop/turn and running lamps. There isn’t an empty chamber to add a hole for the third bulb. If you make a new hole for an extra bulb, one of them will out-light the other one since both bulbs will share the same reflection chamber.

In order to add the 2001-2005 taillight you’ll have to convert your (3) bulb taillight system to a (2) bulb. Click HERE for more information.

Additional info from forum member shane96ranger:

I just put tails off of a 1998-1999 on my 1996. They fit fine, but it was a snug fit. The amber section is on the bottom of the 1993-1997 tails, and at the top on the 1998-1999 tails. I had to persuade my harness a bit to get the amber portion to be able to reach a few inches higher, but it worked after I jiggled and tugged a bit.

Thanks to:

Ranger Sport Honduras – photos and explanations of the various taillight years.

nate09 – For submitting photos of his 2000 taillight swap.

shane96ranger – comments

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