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So, A buddy of mine gave me a radiator, condenser and electric fan. I’ve been wanting to swap a fan into my 2003 Ranger. Well it seems the fan he gave me is a PERFECT FIT down to the width, length and coverage for a 3.0 Radiator (not sure if the same radiator is used on the 4.0’s or not). It’s also a snug fit between the tanks on the radiator (the shroud fits between the to tanks perfectly)

the only thing that needs to be trimmed are the clip in hooks on the side. With this fan, you have to turn it side ways. The Chrysler Town and Countries have a short but wide core, the 3.0 ranger has a tall and skinny radiator.

It is the perfect thickness not to hit pulleys and Amazon sells them for $88 bucks (check current price below). Its application is for a 2008/2009 Chrysler Town and Country.


I thought I would share the info

TRS Staff Comments:

If you want to add an electric fan, you’ll need a temperature switch to turn the fan on and off. You can find complete kits online.

(175 to 185 Degree Cooling Fan Switch Kit)

You can either get one with a sensor that screws in to the block, or you can get a metal hose adapter (like shown below) to add it in to your radiator hose.

(Water Temperature Sensor / Radiator Hose Adapter)

You can also find kits with a sensor that slides through the fins of your radiator, so you don’t have to plumb it in to the radiator hose or block.

(Derale 16738 180 Degree Farenheit Single Stage Electric Fan Controller)


See the original forum submission ‘Direct fit Electric Fan 3.0 liter Rangers

TYC 621860 Electric Fan

175 to 185 Degree Cooling Fan Switch Kit

Water Temperature Sensor / Radiator Hose Adapter(make sure you get one for the right hose size to fit your Ranger)

Derale 16738 180 Degree Farenheit Single Stage Electric Fan Controller

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