By HenryMac

Vehicle: 2019 Ford Ranger

A lot of this is just a re-hash of what has been previously discussed here. But having pictures always helps….. and hopefully for you folks that plan to do your own oil changes, you’ll find this useful.

Our truck almost has 4,000 miles, and we finally got a day above freezing, so I did the 1st oil change and rotated the tires on our 2019 SuperCab.

The skid plate needs to be removed. It has (4) bolts holding it on. Only the rear (2) bolts need to be removed. The front (2) bolts only need to be loosened since the front holes on the skid plate are slotted.

See the forum discussion and submission ‘First Oil Change‘.

First Oil Change… and Rotated Tires:

The skid plate bolts and the oil drain plug are all removed with a 15mm socket. And the oil drain plug has a built in elastomeric gasket. Well done Ford.

The oil drains out of the pan without hitting any suspension components or brackets… again…well done Ford.

I removed the front drivers side tire… since I was rotating the tires anyway. The filter that came from the factory was different than the FL-910S Motorcraft filter. My filter wrench just spun on the factory filter…. shit! My filter wrench fits nice and snug on the FL-910S?

I tried some different wrenches I had, those didn’t work. ended up wedging a small piece of rubber friction tape. between the wrench and the factory filter. That worked. Pictures are after removal, just to show what I’m talking about. The trough Ford supplied to capture and re-rout the oil that runs out of the filter worked great. Well done Ford.

I then installed the new FL-910S Motorcraft filter, easy peasy.

The cover in the wheel well needs to be removed down past the brake line to allow cleaning out the oil filter trough. I shot some brake cleaner in the trough and then wiped it out with a paper towel.

Buttoned everything back up and then used 6 quarts of Mobil 1 5W-30 Annual Protection.

The manual says “6.2 Quarts” But if you put in 6 quarts the level on the dipstick is right in the middle.

Didn’t spill a drop of oil on the floor. I’d say Ford gets a 9 out of 10.

Rotated the tires, torqued the lug nuts to 100 ft-lbs.. and we’re good for another 4,000 miles.

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