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Zeus 40" Dual Color Dual Row Light Bar from Olympus Offroad


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Jan 3, 2013
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Pitt Meadows B.C.
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I bought a 40" dual color dual row light bar from Olympus Offroad, I had originally been looking at getting another set of Rigid Duallys in spot to go with my floods. But for the price I thought I’d give Zeus lighting a shot.

The dual color is white and amber light, I got the combo Flood/Spot beam.

Price: $465
Specs from Olympus Offroad web store:
- Power: 180W
- Lumens: 20400 lm
- Size: 40"
- Amp Draw (12V DC): 23A
- Dust and waterproof: IP68
- Material: Extruded 6061 Aluminum Housing
- Lens: Polycarbonate
- Dimensions (Light outside) :44" X 3.5" X 4.5"

After talking to Daniel from Olympus about the light through pm on this site, he offered me a deal on the light for a review. I was told I would receive a PayPal invoice for the cost and shipping. After 2 weeks of not hearing from him I used the contact form on the site. After another week or so of communication I received the invoice and was told it was shipped. A week later I sent a message through the contact form asking about any word about shipping (tracking #/ETA), no response. The light came a few days later, drop shipped from China, without the rock lights that were listed on the invoice (wasn’t charged for them so not a big deal). Along with a $25 customs charge (Canadian customs really sucks sometimes). :icon_twisted:

The light and hardware wasn’t in the best condition

Just some chips in paint/paint missing and a bit banged up, just cosmetic so nothing to really complain about.

I forgot to get pics of the wiring harness but I did not use it aside from the relays and fuse holder. The switch was pretty flimsy and cheap but I wasn’t planning on using it anyways.

Thanks to straycat I used a Yakima Q Tower rack off craigslist for $160 to mount it. After looking around for mounts to get the light on the rack, all I could find locally was the $80 rigid mounts which is ridiculous in my opinion. So I went to Home Depot and got some U-bolts and L brackets to make my own for about $15 in hardware because I bought double of everything. I used blue Loctite and an impact driver to tighten it to make it more difficult for someone to get off. :D

I used #14 wire for the power and #16 for the control circuit. I also rewired my Rigids to run on a relay and will be moving themto the back for work lights as the bar is far better in the front.
The switches are mounted on my explorer overhead console. And ran the power wires in loom to the roof in the weather stripping on the door and used black gasket maker to seal the holes, no leaks yet and have had some heavy rain the last week or so.

Cleaning up my wires is another project I need to work on. (as an electrician its kind of embarrassing) :D

The blue is for white, amber for amber, and red for my Rigids kind of as a warning so I don’t accidently turn them on when I’m driving so I don’t blind someone behind me.

I apologize for the crappy pics, my phones camera isn’t very good, and the spot I took them was the straightest spot around where I was and haven’t had the time to get anywhere better. I will put up better pics when I can.

My high beams:

2 Rigid Daully floods for comparison:

The bar white:

The bar amber:

Some random pics:

Overall I like the light and think it’s well worth the price especially when compared to Rigid. Costumer service seems a little lacking with the company, although I was impressed to be dealing with the owner, and to my knowledge it isn't a large company so I am understand the delay and such with comunication. but the product so far seems to be of good quality. I would have liked to have received the rock lights but oh well.

I will most likely be buying more lights from Olympus in the future.
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Jul 22, 2014
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HI! Thank you for the review!

The comments you mentioned are taken to note. These are items we have been working on to improve. It seems we went through a few months were many items were getting damaged in shipping and its unfortunate that yours was damaged. We agree on the customer service and we are working on improving everything we can..

Thank you for the awesome feedback! the light output looks great and we are happy you are happy with it.

The Rock Lights... I am sorry you did not get them. We must have missed them.

How about we send you some!!

I will send you a mail and be in touch!


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