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Wire Identification for EVAP system


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Oct 3, 2023
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Ford Ranger
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2.8 V6
2WD / 4WD
Good morning gentlemen,

I'm trying to figure out an errant wire that was just laying across my engine.

Background: 1984 Ranger 2.8l manual transmission 4x4 all original equipment.

I removed my carburetor for a rebuild and noticed a wire laying across the top front of my engine. The wire is a black wire with a yellow stripe, it comes from the battery side of the starter solenoid goes through an 18g fusible link then into a relay then travels through its own separate fabric loom(as opposed to the plastic corrugated loom) which is clipped across the back of the alternator with 2 red wires with orange stripes or dashes. The end is just laying on the engine and stops at about the upper water neck. It has what looks like a square end and no plastic connector over it. One red wire with orange dashes comes from a driver side connector goes through a blue connector at the front of the engine then goes into the fabric loom where it "wye's" into the other red wire which this red wire is the signal into the relay and also goes to the fuel bowl vent solenoid. I can't find these wires in any diagrams I have but I know they deal with the EVAP system/ charcoal canister.

From what I have gathered, power is sent through the red/ orange dashed wire with the key on/ engine running to close the fuel bowl EVAP solenoid (SV- CBV) so vapors don't vent from the carb bowl until the truck is shut off but the other solenoid (CPRV) on the EVAP line is opened to pull vapors from the charcoal canister/ fuel tank during certain conditions as the computer seems fit. But the red wire also sends a signal to the relay to allowing power to the black/ yellow stripe wire.

Any ideas? Sorry no pictures right now, I'm away from home for work.
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