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  • Hey I just saw a post from 2012, you said you had some dana 28 4.10s,,, do you still have them? I'm in wapakoneta ohio, about an hour an a half south of you, I got a 87 ranger and I bought it with what I believe is a 4.10 in the rear and like a 2.32 in the front
    yea defeinately i gotta work till 4 so wont get there till about 5 or so and the tires i was gonna use for the burnouts wont hold air so ill have to pass on the contest =( but i am going for sure. see you there
    nice i was thinking of entering my truck in the burnouts got some old tires i can blow maybe bring home the trophy =) maybe ill see you there
    definitely. may have a little something planned for the truck too but i dont know, we'll see
    not sure whos land it is but if u go behind the tree line there is plenty of space to do a little off-roading
    no... i know the area you're talking about but i dont remember any trails or anything
    haha yeah, i just noticed today that you were from toledo. maybe we should hit bundy hill sometime.
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