Transgo 4r44e/55e & 5r44e/55e shift kit.


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May 28, 2018
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My 09 5r44e always had some quirks I didn't like since it was brand new. It would "clunk" when hitting the gas after coasting in 2-3rd gear. It had a slow downshift and the shifts were all around too soft. I had a shift solenoid go bad so figured while I'm in there ill just pull the valve body and install a shift kit.

The parts I used were the Trans-Go shift kit, new bonded separator plate, new reverse servo cover gasket, a sonnax o-ringed end plug kit, and obviously new filter and fluid.

The shift kit was fairly simple to install. The directions were excellent and everything packaged well. It came with 3 "settings" of different springs that determine how hard the shifts will be. I went with the medium (orange) spring. You also drill a couple small holes, seal some others, and add different relief valves.

The sonnax end plug kit just replaces the stock non sealed plugs with o-ringed plugs that keep higher pressure in the valve assemblies.

All together it took me about 3 hours from start to finish.

The results are amazing. It feels like a totally different truck. It has nice fast firm shifts, no strange clunk, kicks down instantly, reverse gear engages faster and the torque converter seems to lock up faster as well. If you dver have to do anything with the valve body on your ranger get one of these kits! You'd sware it was a different transmission afterwards. :icon_thumby: