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Trailhandler radial atp


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Sep 21, 2007
Reaction score
Wa, Bremerton 98310
Vehicle Year
Make / Model
Engine Size
Ranger 2.9l, BII 4.0l
2WD / 4WD
Total Lift
Ranger 6", BII 4"
Total Drop
Ranger 5sp, BII A4LD
Tire Size
Ranger 32", BII 28.5"
This is a tire that I wanted for many years but wasn't willng to pay the new price from Sears (this was a tire that was made for Sears by Pirelli, later discontinued and replaced by the Scorpion line)

I stumbled upon a set of 4, 32x11.5-15 at a local Les Schwab as "take off" tires. I mounted them on steel 8"x15"s and have put so many miles on them I can't even believe it. I wanted them for the Pirelli rubber compound as I had learned with their dual purpose motorcycly tires, that it is well suited to the climate and conditions in the Pacific North West (west of the Cascades).

They are great on the highway, good on fireroads, super in the snow and unsurpased in wet/cold driving conditions. Their off-road prowness is O.K. for an all-terain or dual purpose tire which leans heavily towards streat. I had Firestone All-terrains prior to their installation and the Firestones wore very fast on the pavement but were more suited to off-road then the Pirelli's.

I would have to recheck the odometer but if memory serves these tires have done very well for the past 65,000 miles and are not half worn yet. They have seen some dirt and mud but were never brutilalized so that has contributed to their life.

If I could find another set of these sitting on a tire rack I would buy them again, if these ever wear out.

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