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The Meridian Auto Wrecking "Pull-N-Pay"


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Dec 21, 2008
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Auburn, Wa
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This is what I posted on Turboford, so I figured Id post it here too...

Anybody thats familiar with Meridian Auto wrecking in Graham knows what im talking about and if you are local and dont, heres the scoop:

They opened an off-shoot pull-a-part style yard right next door (I assume to capture some of Pull-A-Parts huge market). I noticed this while driving by this weekend, So today I decided to stop by and check it out.

As an avid pull-a-parter, all I have to say is, What a JOKE!

I looked up their hours on the internet, and they said they close at 5pm (which is already out of line, they should be open til 7 or so in the summer). I left my house in Auburn at 3:30pm and it took me an hour to go 20 miles (keep in mind, this is going south at the beginning of rush hour). I get there at 4:30 on the nuts, and their sign says that they are closed. I go and knock on the door, and a guy comes out and tells me that they close at 4:30. I told them that their website says 5pm and that I drove all the way from Auburn. The guy said they yard is actually open to 5pm but they dont let anybody in past 4:30. I reminded him that I was there at 4:30 and that I came from Auburn, and he was "nice" enough to let me in, but said I had to be out by 5. So he gives me an orange vest and asks what I was there for. I told him I was looking for ranger parts (Really I was just there to check the place out, but I was trying to avoid the run-around) so he gives me directions to the "trucks" section. I start heading out (like I give a crap about the directions he gives me) in my own direction, and I get a whistle form behind me, and a finger in the direction of the "trucks" section... This whole deal annoys me even further. So I head the direction of the "trucks" section and proceed to look around. EVERYTHING and I mean everything is picked over to the max, the explorer V8's are all pulled, all the rear discs on the explorers are pulled, no 4x4 rangers, totally pre-picked over by the JY (I know because all the stuff was pulled cleanly, not pull-a-part style and all ripped out) and all the brands are mixed, not separated, so I have to sort through a bunch of import garbage and GM trash just to get to something I might be interested in looking at. Then I have a yard attendant come by and tell me to head back cause they were closing, who I promptly ignored, and proceded looking. After I was done in the trucks section, I was so disappointed, that I decided to head back. When I got back up front, another guy asked what I was looking for, and I told him I was interested in finding a 95+ explorer rear for my bronco 2, and I asked him if he had a price list... He says no, but he can look up the price on the computer. So I told him I was looking for a 3.73 open diff. He says they have one on the shelf for $200, and I said no thanks. He asked me why, and I told him that I can get a whole rear out at pull-a-part for $100. He asked me if price was the issue, and I said obviously. He said, "well, we have other rearends too, but they "might" not be as good" but they could sell them for around $100-$150. I told him no, Then I proceded to tell him what a joke they are.

Meridian used to be a good JY about 8 years ago, when I first started hitting JY's, and they were privately owned. Then they got bought out by B&R auto wrecking, and they turned into what they are today, a huge joke. I made it a point to not go there after they got bought out, and I thought today Id give them another shot, well its the same ol' game and im not going back...

Just thought you local guys should know...

-Rant over

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