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So Birthday came and went...


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U.S. Military - Veteran
Feb 11, 2021
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Seattle, WA
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Ranger XLT 2WD
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3.0 V6
2WD / 4WD
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Keep your mind like an umbrella, it only works if its open... Continually learning.
My son thought it would be cool to have one of these and wasn't sure if he'd like it. So he got dad one...

Its actually pretty cool, battery last a long time, and its upgradeable. It even looks like a 1st gen. True 4wd, lockers front/rear, 4-link front/rear, not a selectable t/case but this little sucker can climb pretty much anything. For the price, it's listed for 14+, I would recommend this for the kids if you have any. Its not fast, like the larger ones, maybe 3-5 mph, its the crawling ability for this one.

Team Associated 1/24 Enduro24 Sendero Trail Truck RTR, Black/Yellow |  Horizon Hobby

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