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  • Plum,
    You work in metal\mechanicals like someone who is a savant. You should be proud of the work you have done on your Blue Ranger, and you have caused me to add a few things to mt "to-do" list. :D My wallet isnt happy about that, but I think quality of life is worth the $$$.

    Speaking of which, Your front bumper is the EXACT, understate and over built change I want to make on my 99 Ranger. I dont mind driving to Ohio, so are you willing\able to make another? If so, please PM a price to me.
    Please, keep wrenching and posting. Your an inspiration man.
    Hey man I like the truck and I'm from creston.. Been tryin to get ahold of u to possibly meet up in wooster or something I got a 93 single cab short bed 4 cyl 5 speed 4x4 ranger getting ready to do a sas with a jeep Dana 30 and a Cherokee long arm. Thought we could possibly meet up would like to get some pointers from you and check out your truck. If that's cool with u shoot me a text @ 330 466 5446 would really appreciate it.
    Hey, ive viewed your posts, and ive got a 91 ranger with a 4.0 and 6 in lift ttb. what do you know about a turbo for this ranger cuz ive been looking for one and ive had no luck with summit racing or jegs because apparently they dont make one? And i also had a question about how you made your snorkel cuz ive got a cold air and i need to run it through the hood for a snorkel i just dont wanna pay for a legit snorkel?
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    sorry plum another question, my auto teacher has a 4wd 1994 explorer and he wants to convert it to 2wd and i want my truck to be 4wd so could we just switch axles with out removing the axle pivot brackets that the axles are connected to? thanks
    hey plum, wondering if you could help me out, i know youve said it before but im not quiet clear. im wanting to swith my truck to 4x4 with the 2.3 and i remember you saying all you need to do is swith the tail shaft? or housing? off of a 4.0l explorer then i could bolt on a transfer case, it would be great if you could clear this up for me . thanks - Dustin.
    I really do appreciate hearing that. I feel like I get the short end of the stick an aweful lot, so I try to help out and be reasonable when I deal with others since I know how much it sucks to get screwed. I treat people how Id like to be treated myself. Its something I learned in preschool.lol
    I don't know about you, but I like to hear it sometimes....you're awesome. I know there are a lot of others here who deserve the same thanks(I'll try to thank them more), but your willingness to share is what makes it all go around.
    hey man I saw your cb setup and was wondering if you could take a couple pictures of your bed rack for me and either email or post them on here for me. thanks, my email atalmage@live.com
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