Intruduction and call for help.


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Oct 3, 2019
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San Diego, CA
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Ford Ranger
I Rob, been stalking these forums for years but now I have finaly started my own project. I Picked up a 1992 Ranger extended cab 2wd to build as a pre-runner, and started collecting components for a V8 swap. Last weekend I got a good deal on a 1999 Ranger extended cab 4wd, with a swaped 5.0L from a 1997 (best I can tell) Explorer with a 4R70W, BW4406E tcase and the 8.8 with disc brakes. I'm kind of stuck, I have been picking through the wiring on the '99 and not sure what the best work around for the PATS is, and also the wiring for the T-case since it is TOD. I can't seem to find a good answer if I can get a GEM module from a 98 ranger to work, or if swapping out the PCM and harness, and PATS equipment from a 99 Explorer is whats gonna have to happen, since the 97's didn't have PATS. Or... do I just pull it all out of the 99, get the 4R70W converted over to 2wd and drop in in the 92?, But that is probably a whole different bunch of problems with the wiring. And on a side note, I have been unable to find the VIN stamping on the engine block, best I can tell it supposed to be right above the starter? Thanks.