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I miss my Classic Mazda trucks


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Nov 12, 2012
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Northern Vancouver Island, BC Canada
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Subaru Impreza
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2.5L H Naturally aspirated
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Licensed Security guard
my first was a 1990 B2200, I bought it in 2000 with just under 300,000 KM, when I Sold is 11 years later, I had put over a million on the original block, the truck had circumnavigated North America once, and had been as far south as Rio Gallegos Argentina. I gave the truck to my Cousin to sell, he sold it to a girl he knew, and she failed to put oil in it, and fracked the block. :cry:

My 2nd Mazda was a 1990 B2600 i4x4, with 235,000 km, and in rough shape running on all cyl but low compression in #4, the PO had, had overheating issues, and instead of figuring out why, he stuffed an oversize Aluminum rad, and an electric fan on it, and called it done (it had a stuck thermostat). The truck had been ridden hard, and put away dirty.

along with the 90 4x4, I also bought a running 93 B2600i 4x4 (both trucks for less than $1000 CAD). Sold both trucks for $1500 each.

Then I got into the Mazda MPV line, and owned a mess load of them from 90 to 99.
The picture of the MPV, is my 94, 3 door with a 12ft Pontoon on the roof, a 9ft pontoon inside, all our camping gear, 2 coolers, electric & 2Hp gas outboard, me and my pop.


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