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How many types of A/C mounting brackets are there?


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Oct 23, 2009
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I'm trying to retro-fit my 94 Ranger 2.3L, Manual Trans, Standard Steering with A/C.

I have followed the A/C 101 article in the tech Library and read most all posts in the forum of heating and A/c but, I can not find info on weather or not there is a different bracket for an 2.3L with Manual Trans, Standard Steering.

The reason I ask:

I went to the junk yard and found a few 94's and so I went to work and pulled off the bracket that the power steering pump and A/C compressor was mounted on off of a 2.3L as well as a 6 cylinder; Neither one fit.

The problem was that the orientation of the bolt holes were completely off and the profile of the part didn't even come close to fitting the block. I couldn't mount either bracket to the block (even if the bolt holes were close) the profile had an angle on it that wouldn't match the spot milled 90 degree angle on the block. I assume this is the correct location to mount the this bracket.

With the 6 cyl, I get it, but with the 2.3 I get irritated leading to the question of "How many brackets are there for a 2.3l?

I guess I should not of been surprised because the Windshield washer reservoir/ radiator expansion tank were also a different shape than mine as well as in a different location but same area. Was this an engineering change at the factory?

So now I am stuck and would greatly appreciate any info on the types of brackets for a 2.3L power steering-A/c compressor bracket?

Any and all information would be greatly appreciated. For example: Suggestions on where to get one of these brackets, was there a design change in 94? or how to make this bracket work.

I'd really like to see this project complete.

Thank you in advance.