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power steering bracket

  1. How many types of A/C mounting brackets are there?

    All, I'm trying to retro-fit my 94 Ranger 2.3L, Manual Trans, Standard Steering with A/C. I have followed the A/C 101 article in the tech Library and read most all posts in the forum of heating and A/c but, I can not find info on weather or not there is a different bracket for an 2.3L with...
  2. Remove AC Bracket - (Timing Belt) 94 Ranger 2.3 2wd

    My timing belt broke and I am having a very dificult time removing the AC bracket. I need to move the bracket to take the timing belt cover off to replace the broken belt. I think there are 5 bolts holding the bracket on and I have the 4 easy ones removed. the 5th one is on the bottom of the...

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