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Oct 6, 2009
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1983 Ranger 4x4
I just purchased a 1983 2L 4 speed 4x4. I went to start it and of coarse it was dry to the carburetor. Well it started a couple of times and stalled. The next time I tried it turned over and went dead. I mean dead. No lights no sounds nothing. I traced the voltage to a wire on a one pin connector by the washer fluid holder and had 12 v there. so I suspect the first fusible link is good. But could not trace it any further. I searched for a wiring diagram and came to this site. Lots of good stuff I will need to know about. I found a schematic for power distribution and charging. Great but it talks about a second page and I cant find that. I have no blown fuses. Does anyone have an idea of where to look for this problem or where to look for a schematic from under the hood to under the dash. I also have a Chilton manual and it doesn't seem to have a diagram either. can anyone help? I have a newer G2 alternator to put on this and will be removing lots of that wiring if I can figure this I probably will have more stupid questions in the near future.

Thanks, Neil

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