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Finally found the temp sensor and sender -- thought I'd share...


Nov 13, 2008
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Bay Area, CA
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4.0 V6
I learned about our motors having both a temperature sensor which talks to the computer (two wires) and a temperature sender which controls the temp guage. I didn't have the easiest time finding their locations in the manuals until I found them in the Helm manual's engine teardown section -- not the engine cooling system section (how lame with that horrendous index system). The Haynes and Chiltons manuals were pretty much useless if you need find both.

Anyway, the sensor is screwed vertically into the engine -- the lower intake manifold to be specific -- immediately to the right of the thermostat housing as you face the truck. It's got a two wire connector which makes it easy to identify. The temperature sender is screwed straight in horizontally into the fitting right under the thermostat housing in the lower intake.

Torque spec is 12-17 ft/lb (15 was referenced once in the Helm manual) for both units.

If you get the Motorcraft brand parts on those, you don't need to use teflon tape or pipe dope since there's already pipe sealer on the parts from the factory.

This is the coolant temperature sensor ($49.00 is a little high, you can find them for 40.00 or much less for other brands):

This is the coolant temperature sender: ($10.00 at RockAuto and 17.00 at Kragen/Oreilly):

Question if people read this...
Are there any recommended other brands for the two wire sensor that would be OEM fit and quaility at the more common price of about $20.00?
In general, I just go with Motorcraft on all. But, I'm open minded.
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