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Dome Light leaves me in the dark.


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Nov 14, 2007
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97 Ford Ranger Super Cab
Dome light will not switch on with doors open
Dome light will not switch on with dimmer rolled up until it clicks
Dome light will not switch on when slider on light fixture is pressed to either side
Cargo lights do not work
Replaced the difficult to move Dimmer switch with new one and used a dab of electric grease on connecting blades with no effect
Visually Checked all contacts in dome light itself.. all appears to have good connection.
WD-40'd both door switches and dabbed electrical grease on blades of connectors with no effect.

What is going on in my little puzzle? I treally bugs me that the lights don't turn on with the on light switch on the light itself. That should be from battery through a fuse to the light itself right? Not only that but shouldnt the dimmer switch be another direct path to both the cargo and dome light?

So in short I'd like to know as specific as possible that path of electricity from fuse box to door switches, dimmer switch, dome lights, and cargo lights.
Is there a computer involved and where is it?
Is there a relay involved and where is it?
If all else fails which pins on the dimmer switch could I use to connect battery through a fuse to the clicking position to turn on both dome and cargo lights?
Oh and the battery is connected. Everything but cruise control and maybe abs works and yep the bulbs have been checked and light up.

Would love to figure this one out I've pulled the dash face off to change switch and door panel off to clean door switch so I'm confident on the generals of how this thing is put together and with digging through my ranger to work through this with you guys if it comes to that.

I have fluke meter and moderate electronics education. (Just cant find any connections under dash to test)

This thing has had a large blue relay under steering column replaced and a cb radio wired in at some point in its life before me so I know some wiring has been messed with but may be completely unrelated.

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