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Alternator wiring yellow/white and green/red


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Nov 6, 2009
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Okay guys, here is what I have. I have a 2003 Ranger 2.3, I swapped in a 1996 Explorer 5.0.
Everything runs fine. But I have a charging issue because I don't know where the 2 alternator wires go.
-Does anyone have a photo of exactly where the yellow/white wire connects?
-A photo of where the green/red wire connects?

So on the swap writeup, it says:
"The short Black wire with White stripe from the plug is now going to be used for the Yellow/White alternator wire."
"The 1996-1997 Explorer harness has pin 41 empty. This is a Light Green/Red wire for the alternator light. From the alternator, connect this wire to the Ranger side of plug 41 or take the wire and pin from the Ranger motor plug and connect it through the plug."

But, I found that the short black and white wire is in plug 41 on the ranger side. So does the yellow/white wire connect to it, or the green/red? Then where does the other wire go?


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