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A size Queston and PArts Wanted


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Mar 25, 2014
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Pahrump, Nevada
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Ok, I live in Pahrump, NV. I have a project I am engaged in and I need some basic information:
1: size of a 1993 2.3L SOHC:
length of block from the damper without pulley area to the bell housing attach at the other end, Height of the block and oil pan from the bottom of the oil pan to the head gasket or deck of the motor. Then the height of the head from gasket surface to the cam centerline. Width of the block at its widest point. Length of a manual trans bell housing when mounted. In other words what is the smallest box I could put one of these puppies into with and without a bell housing attached. I am limited on space for this project. And it has to be this engine.

2. What I really want is a crapped out wrecked 1993 ranger with a 2.3L SOHC (8th digit in vin of A). Needs a clean title, non salvage for parts only type of deal. It can have everything on the truck wrecked except the drive train. Like a serious roll over. I have a trailer and of course my location in or around Las Vegas or SoCal or Northern Arizona would be fantastic. I have looked at CoPart Salvage Auction in my area and none seem to be available. Ditto Craig's list. And it just has to be at a give away (almost price, lol).

all ya'll got anything like that? shoot me a PM? And please, I need the info in #1 above.

Many thanks!


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