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97' ranger new to the lift game


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Feb 13, 2011
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hello! i have recently gained an intrest in putting a lift on my 97' ranger, and figured the best place to ask questions and get help is to go to the people who know. so here is my truck as it is right now: stock. pretty point blank right. i have owned my 97' since 97' so i pretty much know every little quirk about her. her specs are 4-cylinder 2.3l, 4r55e 2wd, and that's the really technical stuff. here is what i want to do. first off i am not going to build it to run through mud holes or in the baja cause lets face it, she's a 2wd 4-banger. i do how ever want to lift her and put a couple accessories on like bumpers, high beams, etc. i know alot of people skoff at building a truck to look like it's a 4x4 mud slinger, but this is my first time, i own my papers and i'm eventually going to paint her pink and give her to my baby sister, she doesn't need a jack up, balls-to-the-wall, offroading 4x4 power house. her is what i'm looking at. i have looked at a lot of pics on this forums of other members trucks and i like the look of a 4" suspension w/ a 3" body lift other than that i have no clue. i don't know the process of working out the fine line details like: if lift a trucks your going to need to get a longer drive shaft. and things of that nature. thanks in advance for all of everyones futre help.

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