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96 2.3 turbo motor build


Jun 1, 2015
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Hey all, happy holidays..I lurk here,the time has come to seriously start gathering parts for a motor build before my near 400,000 stocker gives up the ghost..I have read Russ Parkers article over and over,but not sure how valid it is due to time.You just can't go to the boneyard and yanks a turbo IC motor and its goodies.A major problem bein the harness.I have alot of questions and instead of typin a novel here or on a specific thread,I would like to communicate direct with members of the" 2.3 turbo Club",hawgford@windstream.net, but need to be directed to such thread if it exists and maybe start a whole forum category on this including swapping in an eco boost if thats feasible,though not my plan.I suck on a computer.give me a wrench or a mill and alathe,lol.I would like to use my stock block ,but need input as too if this is not the way to go,then need a line on a $350 block Russ mentions,lol.I am funding this by repairing and selling other rangers and am in the south,so theres no shortage of great clean trucks.I have a really clean 98 flareside 2.5 auto with met. blue paint /gray cloth interior getting a head gasket now and includes a spare 2.5 and 5R55E, that will make someone a great truck,so I have a budget, but not the only thing a repair regularly to fund it.My 96 needs to stay on the road for as long as possible,but I have back up,so another block may be the way to go.If anyone has anything for sale,contact me for sure. I been bugged about why I just dont buy a V-8 Exploder and swap in ,as I have use for alot of parts off a 95-01 model but I know V-8's,time to get into a 4 ,I have alot of plans for a couple of 4's I own..If theres anyone local to the Atlanta,GA and panhandle Fla area that is into this contact me for sure.I could use some build help,I am disabled,but not limited,just slow and wobbly,lol.Theres always a crock pot fullof venison chili and cold ones this time of year.Oh yeah.Would like to hear from guys that know the 4R44E/5R55E on trans /TQC upgrades for this build, if there are any,but the general consensus around here is these are lame units..Am only shooting for 250-300 HP which should come easy and am gather the parts to swap over to 5 speed,got alot of questions.I should be able to reply here quick too Peter P.S. I have old Harleys and parts for sale.