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4R44E Transmission Slipping


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Oct 10, 2010
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Bellefontaine, OH
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Hey guys! I'm back with some serious 4R44E automatic transmission troubles. My truck is a '95 Ranger with the 2.3l and a 4R44E trans. On Sunday I was driving home from my lady's house and just a mile or two from home I went to give the truck a little gas while going 55 and...NO!!!! The trans slipped completely and gave my truck no forward momentum, at the same time my OD off light started flashing. I had had my worries because it's been going into second just a little rough for the past week. I pulled into the nearest parking lot and discovered I had no reverse after checking the trans fluid (it was at the right level) but I added a little anyway since the filler tube is kind of not fastened to the trans completely, but I have it pushed down as far as I can get it. I didn't notice any kind of burnt smell either, but that may have been because I was freaking out a little and didn't know to check for that until today o_0... So I went through all the gears and I have 1st, park and neutral but no reverse. I limped home in first gear, while noticing that every time it tried to shift into 2nd it just revved up and didn't give me any momentum. SO, no reverse and obviously nothing after 1st while in OD.

I'm wondering where to start on this issue and I only paid $75 for the truck but it's in great shape (except for the trans now, ugh) and the motor seems to run just fine. I really got a great deal on this beast and have put about $200 into it for random things like a tune-up brake line fittings and so on, so I could afford to put a little money into it. My brother and I can pretty much handle anything wrenchin' wise. I've read a lot on your site about these transmissions, so I hope you don't think I'm starting this thread for nothing. I found a transmission control solenoid for $75 that someone said fixed the same problem, and I've been advised to look into a torque converter for about $149.

I'm just looking for some experienced if not expert advice on this, and you guys saved me with a timing issue when I first got my truck, so I know you can help me once again. So, are these parts the best place to start? Any checks I can do?

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