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  1. Bgunner

    How to tell if there is a restriction in the exhaust using a vacuum gauge?

    I have read the "How To" on vacuum but it does not mention what the vacuum gauge will read and do if there is a restriction in the exhaust, like a plugged cat. What should I be looking for to tell if I have an issue with exhaust restriction? :icon_confused: current test results: Idle: 18 Hg...
  2. Bgunner

    Changing the belt tensioner issues

    When I bought the truck the belt squeaked due to the tensioner not working properly so I lubed it and worked it and it lasted about a year more. Since the major repairs are done I can afford to change the tensioner now so I picked up a ULTRA-POWER 419201 tensioner but there is a difference...
  3. tiny house in the bed of my truck?

    howdy y'all! i'm wanting to build a wooden framed teeny tiney house in the bed of my truck. i'm wondering about suspension things? is there anything i should know about putting permanent weight on my truck before i do it? anyone have experience in this? thank you!
  4. 1999 Ford ranger 3.0 engine ticking or tapping noise

    Hello, This is my first post on a forum ever. I am a fresh ford techniam went to school and been working for ford for 2 years so im still fairly new but very mechanically incline. I have a 99 ford ranger that belongs to a family member. We bought it real cheap because it had "died" on the...
  5. '93 Ranger, 2wd, 3.0 Crazy Grinding Noise

    Hey, my 15yr old just bought this 93 Ranger (probably the 12th one in the family) and we will be replacing the clutch and clutch slave cylinder next week. We will flush the 5pd tranny, possibly swap out the rear main while we are in there. Differential was leaking, so we changed fluid and put...
  6. 1991 Ranger 4.0 stalls in gear, only when warm....

    I've been reading for probably the past week or two on everything I could pull up on google. I have tried a ton of things and done a bunch of testing and haven't been able to pinpoint the problem here, time for the description! Just picked up a 91 ranger and was told it needed a new head...
  7. 87 ranger no spark issues

    Hey guys, pretty new to this forum though i have been referencing it heavily as of late to figure out what is going on with my 87 ranger. its is the XLT 4x4 model with a 2.9L Cologne V6 engine in it. I bought it a few weeks ago and everything seemed fine but then the truck would "go hunting"...
  8. Want to build a prerunner

    I'm new to this. I have pretty decent fab skills and want to build a prerunner from a 97 ranger 2wd what should I do as far as suspension. Who builds the best front end for my money. And what is more street able for rear suspension leafs, three link or four link and work the best off road thanks...
  9. Would Like help deciding on my first truck

    So I want a truck. I've been wanting a truck for years and at first wanted a 1997 ford ranger to build into a prerunner. Now I'm looking for a truck that I could build to handle the trails of the rocky mountains in Colorado because that is where I'll be moving to this upcoming spring. I've would...
  10. help with sub box

    i have 2 kicker l5 12" subs and i was wanting some design plans for a dual 12" ported box. i want to be able to move my seat and tilt it abit. thanks
  11. I need advice on my 84 ranger

    I need some advice for my ranger it's a stock 2.8l 4x4 5 speed ranger xlt. I want to build it into a pre runner but I'm on a very limited budget and need to be able to keep it as my daily driver for now. Where should I start? What are some things to take into consideration? Also I know it's not...
  12. 5speed swap

    I have an 87 2wd 2.9L I have the tk5 on this site it says that all the 5 interchangeable. My question is will the drive shaft have to be modified? I have a 2 piece with the carrier bearing.
  13. torsion crank ****ed CV joints! solution help!

    hey guys I'm sure someone has had this problem before you get new torsion keys for a 4x4 model and crank them 3 inches above stock and naturally it binds up your CV joints and bam need to replace the front end now I'm looking for a solution to the problem i am a welder so i could just cut the...
  14. Fenders for 99 Mazda B3000 Troy Lee?

    Hey does anyone know a website or person I can contact to get flared fenders that fit perfectly? I mostly need just the front two, but I might also be interested in rear ones as well. Thanks, Ethan
  15. 1986 TK-5 swap to M50D-Help!

    I've got an 86 Bronco II 4x4 that I'm looking to replace the current Toyo Koygo TK-5 manual transmission in (broken teeth on one gear). I've found a M50D off an 89 4x4 Ranger and was wondering if it would fit/work without extra hardware? Any advice would help!
  16. theGreatDane

    Engine Problems, HELP!!!!

    my 1999 ranger has the 4.0 liter v6 and 4 wheel drive. my truck has presented the cylinder 6 misfire code twice in the last 6 months, which I have fixed with a new spark plug in that cylinder. yesterday, however, it started stuttering heavily under load, and all of the sudden had very little...
  17. Starter Solenoid Issues

    I replaced the solenoid, now my engine won't crank. Think I may have wired it up wrong. I can't make any sense of the wiring diagrams, does anyone have a picture of what it should look like? Its an '86 2.3l manual
  18. 86 2.3l isn't starting any ideas?

    I have a 1986 4x4 2.3l 5 speed manual Ranger. i bought on Craigslist back in August (best purchase i have ever made). It was running fine until about two month ago, the alternator died. I replaced it, got a new battery. Then the ignition wouldn't work, so we rigged a switch to jump it at the...
  19. Help no brake light/ blinker

    Okay so I noticed my blinker wasn't blinking in the pass side so I checked all lights an found the rear pass light was out so I replaced the bulb and still no blinking or borage light on that side also the front turn signal comes on and stays on when switch is turned that way I'm stumped I was...
  20. wanting 5.0 swap into a 91 XLT with a 3.0

    from start to finish scratch and parts build has anyone done one? hit me up with a reply please. no clue where to start, have buddies that can help build and install just want to know what to look out for or pick up, greatly appreciated.

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