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4R44E marvels mystery oil, mystery repair


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Jun 22, 2012
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4R44E slipping, no O.D, some how fixed by marvels mystery oil?

Hello everyone, I have a 1996 2 wheel drive ranger 3.0 liter with the 4R44e transmission, I got it from a friend and I knew it had some transmission issue's before I owned it. I was advised that I should shorted this thread up, so I can't list everything that I have done so fare. I have checked every wire, sensor, solenoid, and everything else that you can be removed and tested/inspected with the transmission still in the truck several times (valve body only once). Please no replies telling me to bring it to a transmission shop, or to check the fluid level.

Here is the problem, hot or cold 2nd gear doesn't seem to engage 100%. Its not slipping so to speak because even up hill with the pedal mashed to the floor it doesn't slip any more that it would going down hill with 1/16 throttle. Its like its spinning 1000rpm higher than it should in that gear, it feels a bit slushy as well, but it aways maintains that 1000rpm regardless of load or throttle position. The slushyness goes away if I manualy put it into 2nd but the 1000rpm thing is still there. 3rd gear is fine. The biggest problem is the overdrive slipping. It shifts in and out of overdrive just fine, but if I even breath on the gas pedal instant slip, as if it was in neutral, and once the rpms come down to close to a idle you can feel it engage again and everything seems fine until you attempt to hit the gas. Every once and a while I get the "shift solenoid C performance or stuck" code (I checked/test/replaced everything having to do with that solenoid at least 4 times, found nothing wrong)

I gave up and started looking for another trans. A few weeks ago while picking up somethings at NAPA I was going through another can of the sea foam trans tune in it (out of depression) and then realized I had spent probably over $100 on that stuff so far with no improvement, so I bought 1gal of Marvels mystery oil instead and put 1/2 gal in right the and there, and didn't care about the fluid level being overfull I thought the trans was junk.

I couldn't believe it worked like a new trans, no slip, O.D was fine, But after changing the fluid and filter the next day, back to the slipping and no O.D. After 25 qts of ATF, and a billion 4 letter words I discovered it works just fine as long as the fluid is thinned out, and a little over full. The thicker the fluid the worse it gets. Anyone Know what could be? Something seems clogged or something? Like I said I have done everything that you can do to trouble shoot. Thanks Jon
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Aug 7, 2007
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Welcome to The Ranger Station.

That's an interesting situation that you've described.
I'm no kind of auto transmission expert, but have you adjusted the bands?


"shift solenoid C performance or stuck" code < I believe that the way that performance is monitored is by using a speed sensor inside the trans. Therefor, I suspect that it really is slipping, which could be a mechanical problem with either worn clutch plates (I have no idea if they even have those in there) or a slipping band. I suppose you could have a problem with the valve body / gasket, but again, I'm no kind of auto transmission expert.

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