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  1. SamC777

    New Slave Cylinder, full system bleed. Is it supposed to look like this without pushing the clutch?

    Put a new slave cylinder in, bled the system with a handheld pressure pump and tried it the way the service manual said. Clutch pedal has more pressure than it did but not as much as it probably should. When my friend presses the pedal, the cylinder does not move. It just looks like this no...
  2. 1989 XLT SuperCab 2.9L V6 manual not starting.

    I'll list, in order, the symptoms I noticed, and the steps I've taken thus far in attempting to fix the problem. Attempted to start my truck in the morning. I turn the key and I get nothing, not a sound. The starter does not try to roll over or anything. I check the radio and it works for now...
  3. Wanted Driver side window

    I need the front driver side window for 1990 ranger xlt. I was told one out of a bronco would work too. Anything from between at least 1988 to 1992 would work. I'm located in SC and I can't travel out of state so if it could be shipped or somebody meet me locally that would be great. Money is...
  4. 2.3L ('83-'97) Help

    Can somebody tell me what this is. I took out my glove box and seen that this was corroded and I have no idea what this is. Do I need to replace this or could I just clean it up with a wire brush?
  5. A4LD_Nghtme

    RABS CODE 4 Both brake lights on 90 Bii

    Hey there, I have a 1990 Bronco II XLT 4x4 that has been edging ever closer to finish. I've recently replaced the brakes almost in their entirety for the rear and still after bleeding the entire system have both the yellow and red brake lights illuminated and I now have a flashout CODE 4...
  6. A4LD_Nghtme

    SOLVED: 90 Bii rear driver wheel cylinder wont bleed

    So I've officially finished rebuilding my passenger drum after replacing the siezed parking brake cable and so I began to bleed the brakes. I bled the passenger wheel cylinder first and was able to get brake fluid to bleed through it. Upon cracking the bleed valve on the driver side wheel...
  7. A4LD_Nghtme

    SOLVED: 1990 Bronco II rear passenger parking brake stuck on.

    So I've had an abs light and parking brake light on my dash since I got the old gal but she braked fine with fronts until now and ran unimpeded. Well I decided before taking her in for a smog since I just replaced the cat after a fail that I was going to safen her up and try to get at least one...
  8. A4LD_Nghtme

    SOLVED: 1990 Bii 2.9 FAILED CA SMOG!

    Hey there all! I just got back from a failed smog test. As you can see I got a pass on everything except my HC ppm at 15 mph and my NO ppm at both 15 and 25 mph. It has a fresh new o2 sensor and last i checked i had no codes. And they passed me on the OBD system check. I have not replaced the...
  9. A4LD_Nghtme

    SOLVED: Transfer case end spraying fluid on undercarriage?

    Hey there. 1990 Bii project trying to get to body restore but I'm having 4x4 and apparently transfer case end issue. If you check the attached photo, it appears that I have a leak at what I assume is the rubber piece and it's spraying my undercarriage something fierce. Any idea what the part is...
  10. A4LD_Nghtme

    SOLVED: 4X4 does not engage at all after new transfer case motor.

    Hello! I swapped out my 4x4 transfer case motor on my 1990 Bronco II XLT and I now have no lights at the dash at all and zero control module actuation. Before the swap the lights would come on for both 4 Hi and 4 Lo and the you could hear the 4x4 control module function. Now there is zero...
  11. PapaBear

    Hello from Ventura, CA!

    Saturday, this 1.5 owner California-rust-free, 159k, 2002 XLT Supercab with smooth-running 2.3l 5spd beaut made a 350-mile drive home… interesting. ABS light came on when accelerating to pass The temp gauge decided to just languish at the bottom. 😬 After the third top-off of the tank, the...
  12. 1992redranger

    1990 Ford Ranger XLT Pickup 2D 6 ft - Facebook Marketplace

    Seems to have been gone through by a mechanic. Memphis, looks like, although the person writing the post doesn't seem to like that detail 👀...
  13. What’s a good and correct body lift kit for a 1989 Ford ranger XLT?

    Hello! I’m interested in lifting my 1989 ford ranger and I have no idea where to start in lifting the body. It’s 2W drive and a manual. XLT body. I’m looking for a 3-6inch body kit for it. What’s some good options for me?
  14. Finally got a Ranger again!!

    2001 XLT 4.0L 4x4 off-road I just picked up a ranger for dirt cheap the engine sounds great but it has a bad tranny. I sold my last one and was regretting it the moment I sold it so now I'm happy to have one again. However I have to put a new transmission in and i need advice on how to do that...
  15. Engine won’t turn over

    I have a 91 ranger XLT 2wd 5speed with the 3.0. The car was driving great. Stopped for lunch went back to start and as soon as I put it into 1st the engine died. Car has power and the engine wants to start but just won’t turn over. I just moved to the Charleston, SC area and don’t have a...
  16. 1991 XLT from South Carolina

    Hey everyone, my names Spencer just bought this 1991 ranger xlt. It’s a 5 speed 3.0 extended cab, two toned black and silver with the sticker stripe, and red interior. The guy I bought it from put a 5 inch lift, electric fan, the lights on the front, new fuel lines and a new stereo in it. It...
  17. shaneisaghost

    2005 Ford Ranger XLT 4v4(120k miles) Transmission or Timing belt problem?? Or?

    problem Just purchased a 2005 ford ranger colt fx4 120k miles. We test drove it twice for 30 minutes each, downhill, steering, brakes, slip rear, etc. the truck was perfect so I bough it. I drove it home in the freeway and it just died on me. Don’t know much about trucks need advice. Timing...
  18. Samzwell

    Taking camber out of Twin I-Beam after 2" lift (1987 Ranger RWD)

    Hey there, I need some advice on how to bring out the camber after adding 2" spacers on the front end of my '87 Ranger RWD. I did the lift after putting some Cooper Discoverer AT 235/75r15s on. I took it in for an alignment and the shop told me they can't bring the positive camber out because my...
  19. 1989 Ranger XLT 4x4 V6.jpg

    1989 Ranger XLT 4x4 V6.jpg

    Perfect interior. Not even a crack in the dash.
  20. 1989 Ford Ranger XLT V6 4x4

    1989 Ford Ranger XLT V6 4x4

    Needs a bath

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