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  1. this user name may change

    bought 86 ranger with a 2.9

    yesterday i bought a 86 ranger that needs a new motor(2.9).... my question is, is there a better engine, that is more powerful.... but at the same time still fuel efficient? also is the 2.9 a good towing engine? what is the grand toltal of a engine/tranny swap?
  2. my 1992 ranger xlt

    before and after the paint (truck originally had no tinted windows no stickers grey grille 14 inch rims with 225 tires and i put a 2 inch lift in it) me in my truck my gf in my truck what do you all think? :)
  3. help with wiring msd ignition, voltage regulator and alterantor??

    im swapping an 84 5.0 into a 89 xlt ranger if posted this before but i havent understood the answers fully. i need everything how to wire all the electric engine components (not sensors) like the ignition starter voltage regulator and the alternator an indepth picture or explanaion would be...
  4. RDRanger99

    New To TRS

    Hi Folks, I just joined the TRS forum last night. I don't have much mechanical or technical stuff to offer but will help anyone if I can. Hopefully though I will find some answers to help some of the problems with my 99 Ranger V6 3.0 XLT 4X4. It's like me; starting to show its age cosmetically...
  5. Battery Drain

    1991 Ranger XLT 3.0L It's been going on for about a month now. I'll have to jump it every morning after it's been left overnight. (I now just leave one side of the battery disconnected overnight so I don't have to waste 15 minutes jumping it.) The battery was replaced in December and I've had...

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