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  1. 2.5L ('98-'01) Turbo build - 2.5 sohc - need some help

    Howdy, I'm a senior in high school with a 1999 ford ranger regular cab with the 2.5 lima w/5 sp. I want it to be turboed eventually, hopefully by next year after graduation. It's my only way of transportation as of now. I'm not rich, so I bought another 2.5 engine with a blown headgasket and...
  2. mkats

    My Turbo 4.6 Build

    Some background for the truck. https://www.therangerstation.com/forums/index.php?threads/my-2000-ranger-build.157591/ https://www.therangerstation.com/forums/index.php?threads/my-4-6-swap.165807/ And the Turbo Build Specs of the build. -Currently on the stock 3v computer. Tuning was...
  3. DavisRanger

    More Powa-Babeh 2.9L

    So, I’ve done some work. RV Camshaft Bored +40 4 hole injectors Cat delete Headers Small stroke (idk where the machinist found the crank, but he did.) I’m also running Advanced Timing and driving on 92 octane, it runs like garbage on anything lower than 92. Now, I’m assuming I’m needing to...
  4. 3.0 Flex Turbo QuarterHorse tuning [.bin NEEDED]

    So I'm building a turbo 2000 Ranger and decided to tune it with Moates's Quarterhorse J3 chip. To use the TunerPro RT software (to do real-time tuning), I need the .bin file from a 98-2000 3.0 Flex ECU, as well as the .xdf (base tune file?), which I think I have, and .adx files. If someone knew...
  5. 85 2.3T swap

    hello everyone. finally after a year of searching ive found a 88 turbo coupe and was able to purchase it as a donor for my 85 EFI 2.3 ranger. being a broke college student I cant afford to make the ranger quite the vehicle that I want it to be. so for now im just going to run the stock psi on...
  6. 2.3T Swap into a '95 2.3 Ranger

    Hi folks, joined to post this. I've got a 1995 2.3L 5 speed Ranger that I'm thinking of swapping in a 2.3T from an '88 TurboCoupe. I've spend my day reading about this swap, and the hurdles I'd have to jump over to make it happen in a 95 Ranger. I have the full harness and computer for the...
  7. 2.3 tib removal to remove the oil pan?

    I'm thinking about getting a 97 ranger for my turbo project and I'll need to put my forged pistons in.. my main question would be while I have the tib out would it be possible or worth it to remove whatever left to drop the pan and get access to the crank?
  8. michael_cope

    88 Ranger 4.0 turbo swap update

    Hello All, 2010 since I last posted my ranger project! so here you go! Sum It up... 1988 Ranger STX 4.0L Swap from explorer, Coil on plug conversion, 5 speed, custom wiring, explorer eec, T3T4 turbo inter-cooled, 10inch 6 puck clutch, 9inch ford diff 3.73 spool, rear mounted radiator, battery...
  9. Turbo Tuning

    Is anyone using an SCT tuner? I have a fuel issue at low load. seems to be lean. I am still learning how to tune. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  10. OfficerRodFarva

    99 3.0 turbo options for so cal

    hey all i am interested in adding boost to my vulcan and want to know what my best option is. im leaning towards a turbo charger over a super charger, also what parts i would need minus the obvious (turbo,header, ecm, tune) and what injectors would be best.. id like to be able to boost about...
  11. Turbo Ranger

    Hello. I have a 3.0 ranger .1994 Automatic with 4.0 guts. 98 explorer rear end with 14 inch wheels.Stock engine. Love how it rides...:icon_hornsup:
  12. 4.0 ohv ultimate performance build lets go nuts

    im building a new engine for my 1995 ranger its not gonna be my daily driver much longer so im gonna go nuts. the 4.0 ohv is at this moment a bare block in my garage. heres what i have planned so far tom morana 4.3 stroker kit, stage 3 heads, performance cam, sts twin turbo setup on at about...
  13. 220d mercedes diesel and sm420 ?

    I have a clean 85 bronco B2 with a bad a4ld transmission and was thinking I would like to swap to a manual but would prefer something beefy and a better engine to go a long with it. I have been looking into different small diesels that I can swap over for mileage and decent torque. I read in a...
  14. Lil-Pony

    forced induction?????

    my dad jokingly said he wanted to turbo or supercharge his 99 3.0 2wd ranger and it got my gears going, is there any kits made for this motor. i know of supercharger kits for the 4.0 since i believe its the same as the stangs 4.0
  15. 95ranger2.3

    86 2.3l turbo in 95 obd2 ranger

    i have swapped an 86 2.3l turbo from a thunderbird turbocoupe into my 95 ranger which is obd2. i seem to have everything working besides my no spark issue. i have one spark when i first start cranking and no spark while cranking. the engine has new pick up coil, new rotor button and distrubuter...
  16. Twin turbo blow thru 5.0

    I've decided to turbo my carbureted 5.0. I really don't know anything about turbo charging other than what I've read in the past 48 hours. I know what I wanna do I just gotta figure out how to go about it. I'm interested in a twin turbo remote setup. Few modifications Ill need to do to my truck...
  17. 1986 ranger 2.3 diesel wastegate

    My wastegate is not moving. WHat can I do to get it to open and close. Also is there any one that has one for sale or know whhere I can get one???? Thanks,
  18. V8 conversion or turbo?

    Just scored a 93' STX for free.99 and am highly motivated to get started on a new project. I just did a V8 conversion (automatic and carbureted) so I'm confident I can do another. If I do I will likely go fuel injected with manual trans. I'm also intrigued with forced induction so I'd like to...
  19. looking for turbo info

    hey guys i have a 97 ranger 2.3 5speed im wanting to either boost it or do a turbo coupe swap im just looking for some info pros and cons from someone who has experience with the different options any and all advice will be greatly appreciated
  20. 2.3 turbo dual coil?

    i have a 95 ranger with a 2.3 daul coil pack motor ive looked up alot on turboing it but everything ive seen is a motor swap is there a way 2 turbo this motor with no swap? if so does anyone make a kit?

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