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  1. Dirmaid

    Turbo Kermit

    Alright guys, I got the turbo in and I'm waiting on some other parts to trickle in to turbocharge my 2001 4.0 Ranger. :icon_welder: Info on the build so far: GT-45 Turbo JDM 38mm Wastegate JDM BOV JDM Intercooler Special Forces Tuning software Dropped in a L/S differential from a Mustang...
  2. Dirmaid

    Project Hopping It Up: Kermit

    Alright, I figured it was time to finally make a build thread for my green '01 Ranger, nicknamed "Kermit." Right now, the quest is to make this 3300 pound truck outrun an '05 Mustang GT in the quarter mile. Baseline: Kermit: 16.2 1/4 Mile Mustang: 14.2 1/4 And then they were both tuned and...
  3. Protowrxs

    Opinion: 4.0 vs 2.3T Swap

    Backstory: 89 Ranger 4x4 - 2.9l v6, 5sp, brought back from death in a field as a winter driver, prerunner look alike, fun truck. 2.9L has the noisy lifter world and is drinking antifreeze No white smoke, just burning water, guess cracked head? Intake was off when we got it so it has new...
  4. Dirmaid

    Rotating the cold side of a turbo

    Has anyone attempted to rotate the compressor housing on a turbo? I'm looking to bu a turbo for the Ranger, but all of the turbo's that i have seen have the output of the cold side going perpendicular to the input of the exhaust. In my set up, the pipe for the cold side would go through the cab...
  5. Nightshift Motorsports

    My name is BJ and I'm an addict

    Finally got around to registering on the forum even though I've been floating around here for years. I own a small custom / fab shop, and do off road recovery's and I have a weird obsession (addiction) with Rangers and Explorers. I own/ have owned more rangers/explorers than anyone would believe...
  6. 2.3l Turbo into 1995 2.3 ranger. HELP

    First off i am new to this sight and the search option will not work for me. So im buying a 1995 ranger with a 2.3L engine and a 5 speed. I have a 1987 thunderbird that i took the motor and i want to rebuild it before i swap it into my ranger. Now when i do the swap i dont have alot of time to...
  7. Need help plz

    so i got a 1994 ford ranger xlt 2.3l that i want to turbo. i have the money to buy parts and stuff. its just that i dont know what to get or the steps in rebuilding the engine. i was going to go with the v8 but then i decided that everyone does that. Every thing you could tell me would help. im...
  8. What can I do to enhance my 2.9L Ranger?

    What can I do to give my 2.9 more power? Superchargers are at least $2000 from what I've seen. You guys know of any superchargers or turbos cheaper than $2000?