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2.3T Swap into a '95 2.3 Ranger


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Nov 19, 2017
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Hi folks, joined to post this.

I've got a 1995 2.3L 5 speed Ranger that I'm thinking of swapping in a 2.3T from an '88 TurboCoupe. I've spend my day reading about this swap, and the hurdles I'd have to jump over to make it happen in a 95 Ranger. I have the full harness and computer for the TurboCoupe.

I've been reading about the differences in computers between the two, seeing as 95+ had EEC V whereas the TurboCoupe and 94 and older Rangers had the same computer. I've also read that you can splice in the harness from the 2.3T into the EEC V harness. Now, I realize that splicing in a harness would be a pain in the ass, but would it really be that hard if you have a pinout diagram for both harnesses and a bucket full of butt connectors?

Would it be less a mess to just buy an old Ranger with EEC IV? Would it be possible to run the turboCoupe computer (taking a step backwards in tech) in the Ranger? Swapping out the newer computer for the old?

I have so many questions that I've had a hard time answering by sifting through posts by people who are trying to do the same thing as me.


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