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The Upgraded LED Solution for Halogen Headlights


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Jul 6, 2023
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Ontario. California
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Ford Ranger
LAair series, an upgraded version of LED bulbs designed to address common issues faced by vehicle owners. At Lasfit, we are dedicated to providing a comfortable and hassle-free experience with LED lights. We have identified two common challenges in the market - limited installation space and insufficient brightness or beam pattern.

To overcome the issue of narrow installation space, we have revolutionized the design of the LAair series. By reducing the size of the LED lights and eliminating bulky components like fans, we have created a sleek and compact solution that easily fits within the limited space in your vehicle. Installing our bulbs is now a breeze, even for challenging models like those with H7 headlights, thanks to our special adapters and smaller-sized LED lights.

In addition to the compact design, we have also focused on enhancing brightness and beam pattern. Our LAair series LED bulbs deliver exceptional brightness, ensuring optimal visibility and safety on the road. With a carefully engineered beam pattern, you can enjoy superior lighting performance without compromising on glare or scattering.

Main Features of LAair Series

Easy and Hassle-Free Installation with the MINI Body Design

The LAair series features a compact and convenient design, similar in size to OEM halogen bulbs. With lengths as short as 2.73 inches for H11 and 1.79 inches for H7, these LED bulbs effortlessly fit into the factory housing. You can securely put the dust cover back on without any installation troubles. The bottom of the LED bulb, where the fan is located, has a bulk of 20*6MM, ensuring compatibility with vehicles that may have eccentric assembly. Say goodbye to any hindrance during the installation process.
photo1-lasfit led bulb-LAair H11 LED Bulb truly plug and play.jpg

Cool Bright Lighting and Enchanced Visibility for Safer Driving

With up to 70W and 7600LM per set, the LAair bulbs provide brilliant illumination that ensures safer driving in any lighting conditions. The incorporation of 12 pieces of 3575 chips in each bulb delivers incredibly high brightness. The LAair series not only features the efficient copper substrate for heat dissipation, but also upgrades to a built-in heat pipe to minimize light source decay and dead bulbs. The 1.5MM center emitting.
photo2-lasfit led bulb-LAair H11 LED Bulb 12pcs.jpg

photo3-lasfit led bulb-LAair H11 LED Bulb Perfect beam pattern.jpg

Enhanced Cooling System for Unwavering Stability

The LAair series boasts an upgraded aviation-grade aluminum housing and an intelligent temperature control system that constantly monitors the lamp's internal temperature. With the 20MM hydraulic fan, the LAair series promptly dissipates excess heat and ensures optimal performance even in high-temperature conditions. This robust cooling system not only extends the lifespan of the lamp but also eliminates the risk of burst headlights over time, delivering unparalleled stability and reliability.
photo4-lasfit led bulb-LAair H11 LED Bulb long lasting.jpg

Customer Feedback

*All the photos and content are created and authorized by the Lasfit customers, Many thanks to them for sharing such great content and stunning pictures about LAair series with us!

Ive changed every halogen bulb inside/out to LED. These were the fog lights changed from factory halogen. Thank you for making a quality product and the quick refund when I ordered the wrong size for my turns/ ineer tail light bulbs. The car looks great and are much brighter inside/out!---LAair H11 for Justin

photo5-lasfit led bulb-LAair H11 customer feedback shot by Justin.png

Thanks to Lasfit for sending me the new LAair Series Headlight bulbs they are noticeably brighter than my old LA Plus Series. These new ones also have a much quieter fan than my old ones which I really like. So if you don’t want fan noise get these. And if you still have halogen bulbs definitely get these---LAair H11 for C.B.
photo6-lasfit led bulb-LAair H11 customer feedback shot by C.png

I 10/10 recommend Lasfit led headlights. I replaced my Amazon LEDs with Lasfit and the results are astronomical!! I’m very happy with the product.---LAair 9005 for Daniel Moore
photo7-lasfit led bulb-LAair 9005 customer feedback shot by Daniel Moore.png

These are awesome! Nice upgrade to my high beam. Very bright! 1000% satisfied.---LAair 9005 for T.D.
photo8-lasfit led bulb-LAair 9005 customer feedback shot by T.png

At Lasfit, we strive to provide a seamless and efficient solution for your lighting needs. Upgrade to the LAair series and experience a new level of convenience and performance with your LED lights. We are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a 45-day free return policy, no questions asked. We'll even provide the return shipping label for your convenience. Additionally, we provide a hassle-free 1-year warranty, ensuring that you can enjoy your LAair series LED bulbs with peace of mind. If any issues arise within the warranty period, we'll happily provide new replacements. Try Lasfit LAair series LED bulbs today and drive with confidence.

You can check out all LAair series LED bulbs from this page: https://www.lasfit.com/collections/laair-series

If you have no ideas about selecting the correct bulb, please leave a message with your Make/Model/Year information, we would like to help you!

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