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  1. Gas Mileage

    So I drive a 2000 Ranger 4.0L V6 4x4 with just over 180k on it. Y'all know how many great things there are about the 4.0, but gas mileage is definitely not one of them! I'm averaging I'd say around 14.7-15 MPG, and the highest I've gotten is around 16.5. This is a bit problematic, since I drive...
  2. Catalytic converter

    Anybody have any experience/tips or tricks cleaning them? Thinking about taking it off and maybe soaking and pressure washing it. I have a some minimal experience working on my own truck but am no mechanic. I just dumped a good bit of money into my ranger with a good ol’ boy mechanic just to...
  3. 02 ford ranger 4.0l exhaust manifold removal

    Hey guys just picked up some headers for my 02 ranger but im seeing that its quite the job to get out the left and right exhaust manifolds. Are there any tips to make this any easier?
  4. 1999 3.0 Off Road power loss & sounds like jet engine

    Hey All, Been fixing this thing up for a couple months now, getting ready for inspection. My CEL has been on for a while & I've been trying to trouble-shoot that, but it's been driving great, so wasn't top priority. Unfortunately, this week something changed dramatically. It idles ok. Sometimes...
  5. Dont even know how to buy exhaust.

    Im trying to put a cat back system on my truck with a flowmaster 40 series muffler. I want to do 2 Inch in, 2 1/2 inch out, but i dont know how to buy the certain pipe that i need. I drive a 98 ranger XLT, 4.0 v6, stepside, 5 speed manual
  6. Exhaust

    So I have a custom exhaust on my truck with 2.25" pipe from the manifold back. Rather than the exhaust shop putting in some kind of taper pipe, they simply put a 2" pipe with a 2.25" pipe and welded up the gap right before the flange. Would it benefit me at all to have that tapered instead? I...
  7. 88 Ranger XLT With a Blown Exhaust; suggestions?

    I need to replace the exhaust in my 88. While I can't see past the intermediate pipe, I know the muffler is blown (2 gigantic holes), the intermediate has enough rust on it that I'd rather replace it than patch the holes, and I don't need to pass any inspections , so I'm not going to bother...
  8. Best price/performance exhaust?

    Hey folks, I am very new to this forum. So please no flaming too quickly. I have a a 2010 XLT v6 4.0 Ranger, and a pretty tricky question. I am wanting to run an exhaust. I don't want **TOO** much of a rice sound, but I don't mind it being a little annoying since I'm on a pretty tight budget. My...
  9. Dprocks100

    manifold/catalytic converter flange seal?

    This is my last major problem getting my truck back together. No matter what position I put the manifold and cat flange together at, it leaks. There is no gasket that I know of that goes between the two. any one have any tips on sealing this? The guy at the parts store told me to try copper RTV...
  10. Exhaust hanger and bracket

    While driving down the road the other day, the rubber exhaust hanger snapped and I had to use bungee cords to hold the pipe to the frame. Looking at it now, I can see that I need to cut the piece from the actual exhaust pipe, but it seems that there is no way to replace it on the bracket that...
  11. Wet Tranny

    Getting the 2000 ranger ready for some wheeling with water. Where is the tranny vent to raise it up? 4 liter, automatic transmission
  12. Reaper1354

    Dual exhaust questions for the 97 4.0

    So I currently have the stock exhaust on my 1997 ranger 4.0 supercab. I have several questions if others don't mind answering them. If I get aftermarket cats, would I need 2 or would 1 be able to work and still pass inspection? If I want dual exhaust would i be able to run it off both sides or...
  13. mudder

    need an exhaust for my ranger

    i was looking for a nice exhaust kit, nothing to over the top expensive and nothing really loud. i want something that will make it known i am there and not get the cops called on me at the same time .. 2006 ford ranger sport v6 4l
  14. bourcier700

    Catalytic Converter Swap Question

    Just bought a 1997 4.0 ranger, while fixing an exhaust leak I found that both converters are leaking/have holes. I have a parts truck that is a 1995 2.3 with good converter on it, my question is can I use that converter on the 4.0 or are they different any help or advice would be awesome.
  15. Power Chip Needed

    I have and 03 2.3l ranger manual 2wd and im looking for a little more pep. I was thinking about getting a programmer but they run like 300+ for a legit one. What is a cheaper way to go for getting some better torque?
  16. 1998 Ford Ranger Exhaust Help

    I have a 1998 Ford Ranger 3.0L Standard Splash XLT. My exhaust is making a muffle noise and I have located it to a specific place in the system. When coming down from the engine the piping goes through a small looking box. The box doesn't seem to be a cat and I was told it might be a flex joint...
  17. 1988 ford range exhaust system

    I have a 1988 ford Ranger automatic A4LD transmission 2.9L v6 engine. I am wanting to upgrade my exhaust system. Preferbly magnaflow or flowmaster or any other high quality name brand that will sound amazing coming out of it. I need to know every part i need to buy to make this happen. I am...
  18. No power no exhaust!

    alright i just bout this 1990 ranger 4x4. plan on making it a mud/trail rig and DD. gotta lift for it on the way and new intake. but anyway, truck has no exhaust, use to be my friends and he cut it off at the manifold, so no cat or anything, so obviously no back pressure=no power. can i throw on...
  19. Can I put a Ranger Tailpipe on an Explorer?

    I had a custom bent tail pipe made for my 84 Ranger and would like to put it on my 97 Explorer. Has anybody ever interchanged pipes on these 2 trucks? Thanks in advance!:beer:
  20. bblatch69

    Best Exhaust?

    hey, well since i've done wheels and tires now i wanna do exhaust. so i was wondering what yall think is the best exhaust for the 4.0 in terms of sound and performance. i really wanna stick with something thats quiet in the cab. i was thinking the magnaflow cat back system would be sweet. please...