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  1. Acgallen

    302/ZF5 Swapped Ranger Hydraulic Problems

    Hello TRS, hopefully ya'll can save my ass at least one more time. Finally got the engine running with no prevalent problems there yet, but when I wanted to move the newly started truck, I wasn't able to put the truck into gear while running. Turned the engine off and pushed through all the...
  2. Bronco II 302 Swap Questions

    Just recently bought a pristinely maintained, bone-stock 1985 Bronco II (pictures below). Manual, 2.9 2.8. Want to turn this into a beast. 302 swap, suspension, all the bells and whistles. Want a overlanding/outdoor rig that I can also cruise around in. I've been scouring forums all over the...
  3. Coogan88

    For Sale Selling my 1988 fully restored V8 Ranger 4x4

    I have decided to sell my full restored 302 and c4 transmission swapped ranger. 302 roller ford crate motor and c4 transmission with b&m shift kit and shifter. 36,xxx miles on total rebuild. Underside is show quality and the paint is in good shape with very minor scratches. Interior is in great...
  4. '78 Cobra 302 into 87 Ranger?

    I want to start by saying it's been YEARS since I've been here, but I'm finally back in a ranger and I'm glad to be back.:yahoo: I scored a free 302 from a 78 Mustang Cobra that I'm going to be tearing apart, rebuilding and putting in my truck. I want to be pushing about 350 horse at the...
  5. Ranger V8 swap

    Hello, I’m doing a 302 swap from a 95 f150 into a 96 Ford Ranger 3.0 and I just wanna know if anyone has done this. I know the mustang and the explorer are the most popular but I’m getting a sweet deal on a f150 with a 5.0 and an M50D-R2. I just wanna know who’s done it and what I need to expect...
  6. Radiator help!!! Urgent

    1996 Lone Ranger 5.0 efi GT-40 heads Howdy, I’m having some trouble fitting a good fan, I have about 2 inches between water pump and radiator, I’m using the 4.0 double core radiator, Wondering if anyone could find me an electric fan, or an idea on how to Cool this small block
  7. Motor mount help!!! Urgent, middle of build

    Howdy, I’m new, so forgive me if I do something wrong, I have a 96 3.slow, and. 1996 5.0 exploder, doing the swap, I am Currently test fitting the motor and Im need help on the motor mounts I cut the original plates from the explorer to fit the v6 mounts and I could tell the motor was too...
  8. What all do I need for a V8 Swap?

    Before anyone even comments, yes, I've read the tech articles. I want to hear some opinions on Carbed or EFI 302/5.0. I also would like to know what transmission, transfer case, and front axle I would need. Which vehicle would be a better donor? What would be the simplest when it comes to...
  9. Ranger T5 swap speedometer

    I have an 03 ranger edge with a 5.0 and T5 running a 97 explorer computer. The speedometer worked fine with the 4R70W trams out of the explorer but I swapped to a T5 out of a 2000 model mustang. It runs fine without any tune (just took the "check engine" light out because I couldn't get over...
  10. 302 to v6 tranny bellhousing??

    hello, i have a question, im getting a 302 for my 86 4x4 manual trans ranger and i think ghe 302 will work with the stock tranny, the engine in it is 2.9 v6. does anyone know what bellhousing i need to bolt them up?
  11. Dmgctrl88

    Got this far - Questions

    My build thread is located at: http://therangerstation.com/forums/showthread.php?t=151435&page=1 It is picture heavy. I had a few questions about parts and whatnot. Starting from the back to the front. I rebuilt my C4 transmission and swapped in a C5 output shaft and tail housing. --- 1)Will...
  12. 1996 ranger 4x4 v8 swap help

    I have read tons of info on doing the 302 swap, I would love to swap one in my truck, however I am still wanting to keep the 4x4 for the winter out here in Iowa. can I use my current transfer case and rear end and front axles? or would I need to find a full size f150 with transmission transfer...
  13. kevinbmx77

    using an old mustang as a donor car?

    Im looking to do a 302 swap. Would it be a good idea to buy a cheap 5.0 mustang as a donor car? Can i use the engine and transmission straight out of it? How would i find a driveshaft to fit it? Jegs has this swap kit...
  14. kevinbmx77

    been using this site for awhile and finally registered

    I've been using this site to look up information on all kinds of crazy idea's ive had but never followed through on any of them yet. The best thing ive completed is my sound system. My newest idea is one i really want to follow through on because it will help no matter which direction i go with...
  15. What front supension would be best for a 91 Ranger ?

    I am trying to make my 91 Ranger 2.3L RWD into a well handling truck. I plan on a 302 and a T5 tranny attached to a 8.8 Mustang rear end. I have done research on the front suspension and ran across this page http://goo.gl/A8g6Gf. If any one could possibly help me with which front end would be best.
  16. Will a Pedal assembly from f150 fit in my ranger

    Hello first timer here... I plan to replace my 2.9 with an automatic to a 302 with a 4 speed. I bought a 1888 f150 I want to replace everything diff to diff. I'm concerned about clutch issues. I'm wondering if the pedal assembly from the f150 will fit in my ranger. If anybody that's done this...
  17. V8 conversion

    I am planning on doing a V8 conversion to my 2000 Ranger v6 3.0 4x4 automatic with a 3in. body lift. What all would I need to do the swap? What should I get the motor from? What all will I need to pull from the donor vehicle to make it work? What headers will fit? I would also like to put a 5...
  18. New guy to the forum:)

    I'm new to the forum and am in the process of swapping a 302 into my 1993 splash. It's been a fun journey and a lot to come as she is getting a newer front clip as well from a 2003 and a 2010 bumper. Can't wait to get her done and on the road.
  19. 302 swap into 05 ranger questions

    Hey guys i am currently building a 302 and i have a 05 ranger with a 3.0l manual RWD.I REALLY want to put my 302 in the truck but i heard the electronics are gonna be a pain. I was thinking would i be able to do the wiring from a 96-00 explorer into the truck and use the 302? I think that could...
  20. matthew1992ya

    springs 94 ranger

    Where can I get some stiffer springs but keep the same ride height on my 94 ranger are what are some good springs for a 302 build. Thanks Matt

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