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  1. AOD to manual swap

    I have a 1988 ranger 4x4 with a 1986 ford 5.0 in it with an AOD tranny. The truck was originally a manual before the previous owner swapped a 5.0 in it, but i still have a clutch pedal and a big hole in my floor where they just slapped a auto floor shifter over the hole. My question is what...
  2. a few tranny and 4 link ?'s

    i have a 1985 auto with a 302 and an 84 with the 5speed my question is with putting the 5 speed in my truck effect the over all length of the drive shafts and dose any body have the measurments for running a 4 link with 33" tires and 6" sus-lift thanks for any info
  3. V-8 Conversion help?!

    I have a '94 Ranger XLT ext cab with a 2.3L manual 5-speed that I am wanting to convert to a 302 w/AOD. Any suggestions, hints, tips, etc... would be greatly appreciated! :icon_hornsup:
  4. 94/95 5.0L 302 swap into 08 Ford Ranger

    I have a 2008 ranger built into a prerunner. Im planning(hopefully) to take my rangers stock engine(6cyl 3.0) and swap it with a 94/95 mustang 5.0L 302 engine. Im wondering if this is a good idea, or if anybody has any other suggestions? and what do u suggest i do with the rest of the...
  5. drummaster_54

    My 1989 V8 Ranger

    I got this truck for free from a family member when it had a toasted 2.9 in it. Since then I put a 302 in it, rebuilt an AOD myself and put that in, James Duff lift, new headlight and grille assembly, and 33's. Much much better now but still has a long way to go.
  6. 302 in my 2000 ranger

    well im just starting on the 5.0 swap and it doesnt seem too bad but does anybody have any advice. ive read the two tech articles over and over and im pretty excited. unfortunatly i dont have the complete explorer. but the junk yard does well any advice would be appreciated, thanks!
  7. fuel questions

    im swapping a 84 5.0 carb motor into an 89 ranger and im trying to retain the stock fuel sytem. I need to know what the wires are coming out of the top of the sending unit and how to wire them to a relay? Can i use the stock lines and then run 1/4" lines to the regulator at the quick...
  8. t5 clutch questions????

    i order a 1993 240 sx slave cylinder for my t5 swap does anyone know if my stock ranger master cylinder will work with it please help me!:icon_confused:
  9. 5.0 swap 1985 ranger help

    So I've swapped a 302 into my 1985 ranger and don't know what to do for the clutch throwout, was hoping to be able to maintain the hydraulic system. It's got the late 80's early 90's mustang t5 bellhousing and a t5 transmission. I was hoping for parts I could use to adapt it to the factory...
  10. 306deranged

    88' Ranger 302 swap help

    Hey guys, im new to the site and im in need of a little help...I have a 1988 Ford Ranger I have been working on for about 4 months now...so far Ive done alot of body work, a set of weld draglites, a 8.8 out of a 91' and a 302 ho from a 1994 mustang gt. The motor is not in yet im getting it bored...
  11. JayGeePee

    84 Ford Ranger

    I have a question about a truck i'm buying this weekend. Its a 1984 Ranger thats already been set up for a 5.0 motor. The guy that owns it had a motor in it for 4 months with a C4 auto, and a fuel cell in the bed. I asked him what rear-end he has in the truck, he said a 7.5 with stock gears. My...
  12. Trying to do an engine swap from my 2.9

    I want to swap my 2.9 in my ford bronco II for the 5.0l v8 fuel injected 302. first time doing a swap and could use the help on what i need, and how to do it.
  13. Anyone put a carb'd 302 in a BII?

    If you have i'd love to hear about your process and what you had to do the line things up and make them fit. I'm getting ready to put a 302 in my BII, and need a little help. What transmission should i mate with it? Can i keep my stock manual shift transfer case? Or do i need to upgrade to a...