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  1. RangerRedneck!

    Droppin in to say hey! new to the forum just got my third ranger but the first one ever modified. I have driven them for work over the last 10 years but in search of the "elusive" hotrod that would make me and my 15 year old son both happy I bartered my way into a 1988 Ranger S with a 302 V8...
  2. 88 Ranger 302 Swap

    I have a 1988 Ranger XLT 2.9, Im wanting to do a 302 swap. What Year of motor and trans would fit the best. It has a 2 inch body lift on it now.
  3. leseman1

    Clutch inspection cover

    In the next few weeks i will be swapping the 2.9 in my B2 for a 302. I have searched and read most swap threads on here. I've got a ZF-5 for a transmission to put behind this motor but i can not find the inspection plate/dust cover anywhere. I've checked online and through local junkyards but...
  4. Motor swap plates

    I did not find anything about these in my search so I am hoping someone can help me out. I ordered these plates on ebay a couple days ago, they are listed as swap plates to install a SBF into a ranger or explorer using any of the factory motor mounts. I got them, knocked the rust off and...
  5. Procharged 5.0?

    I saw a guy on YouTube with a mean V8 Ranger... They had a procharged induction system. I really like the simplicity of my carbureted 302, but I REALLY like the idea of a carbureted 302 WITH forced induction. Wondering if anyone has done this on trs and if they have a build thread?
  6. YooperSteeze

    Radiator Question for 5.0

    I bought my 84 Ranger with a 302 already swapped in. The rad in there is real toasty and on its last legs, plus its tiny, looks to be out of a pinto or something. Through searching I've decided I need a radiator out of a gen 1 explorer, 4.0 auto trans. Now on to the questions. Super cooling or...
  7. leseman1

    5.0 in Bronco II

    I found a 5.0 from an 88 Full size Bronco for cheap. I'm going to look at it on Saturday hopefully its as good as the seller says it is.:yahoo: If all works out this engine will go into my 86 B2 within a couple months. I want to run a five speed (m5r2) out of an f150. Advance adapters has an...
  8. 5.0 specs?

    I just recently put a 5.0L H.0. From a 91' Mustang in my Ranger. Previously I had a 5.0L V8 from a 91' F150. I believe the H.O. Has more power. Was just wondering if anyone can tell me why and what the upgrades are that provide that additional power?
  9. 302 Swap on a 95

    I may be new but I have read the tech posts and I am left with a few questions which is why im posting my questions. Im intending to build a 95 2wd ranger with a carburated 302 HO with a mild cam, an M5OD, and the 3.08 geared 8.8 from my 92 4.0. 1. I have a 95 2.3L with a 5 speed I am looking...
  10. 302 rebuild

    I burnt my center main bearing, going to attempt to do the job myself. Are there any threads for this? Thanks, A
  11. Oil pan clearance

    I never notice till I pulled te motor out but my Stock I beam has been hitting my oil pan. I can post a pic later. The engine is as high and far back as I can get it. Any suggestions how to resolve this? Was really hoping to drop the front a couple inches but that would only exaggerate the...
  12. 91' V8 Ranger first drive success!

    Woohoo! :yahoo: Time to go smoke some rubber :3gears: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gD-fTcCK_pQ
  13. V8 tach for tack conversion

    I've read so mang forums about making my stock 4.0 tach work with my 5.0 conversion I'm thoroughly overwhelmed. What I believe is the easiest and most full proof way is to get a tach from an F150 with a 5.0 which should plug right in. Do I still need to change some of the pin locations with this...
  14. Range98

    Looking for Opinions

    Hey all, Well I'm building up a 302 for a street truck and the front end on my truck is just lacking that aggressive look I want. I've read up on swapping the front end out for a 01-03 edge and I'm looking for any ideas you have for a better front end I can put on before I swap the new engine...
  15. 302 dead spot need help!

    hey i have a 302 i recently swapped into my ranger.. when i hit the gas full throttle starting from 850rpms(idle) it takes like a full second literally before it kicks in and doesnt have "great" throttle response compared to others ive heard and the whole deacceleration back down its popping...
  16. Rowdy Fitzgerald

    Procomp high poformance heads.

    Ok I've been trying to find out if all the valve covers for a 302/5.0 have the same seal pattern. I am building a 302 and I need taller valve covers but I don't wan to get a set that won't fit because they have the wrong shape. So my question is: do all 302 valve covers have the same bolt...
  17. Boss 302 Ranger Build

    I want to build a boss 302 Ranger but honestly have no idea what transmission to use. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advise on what would be the best way to go. I'd like to use a 2005-2007 Ranger.
  18. Boss 302 Ranger Build Research

    I want to build a boss 302 Ranger but honestly have no idea what ranger to use. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advise on what would be the best way to go. I'd like to use a 2005-2007 Ranger. Basically what I need to know is; can the 5 speed manual transmission that comes standard...
  19. 89Ranger5.0

    Finally got my toes wet going to the track

    my first Ranger 5.0 1/4 http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.1025400403316.2005361.1474456522#!/photo.php?fbid=2056801707704&set=a.1025400403316.2005361.1474456522&type=1&theater So i finally got the balls to run my truck, went down to a local track on a test and tune night. left school...
  20. header issues

    hi im getting toward the end of my swap and im having major issues finding headers that work i got a set of headmans that were supposed to be for this swap but they didnt clear the steering shaft or the passenger side frame rail then i tried a set of explorer manifolds which cleared everything...