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It's been awhile since I was here last, but I have some info on intakes.

First you need to know which cylinder head you have (some have been mistaking a oval port head with a Ranger round port).
From top to bottom.
The oval port 1974-80
The Ranger round port 1983-87
The D-port 1981-90 (the D-ports were used in Mustangs untill 1990)

This is the OMC intake that I got off of ebay for my 88 Ranger (the carb bolt pattern is for a Rochester 2 bbl).

Made a adaptor plate out of 1/2" thick aluminum plate to bolt a Holley 2bbl (here is the OMC intake, and the Holley 350 carb in my truck).

If weight is your enemy there is the 1981, and later Mustang 2.3 2bbl D-port intake (shown with the Holley/Weber 2 bbl adaptor removed).

This is the number on the Mustang 2.3 D-port intake located on the #1 intake runner (after the firing order).

Here is a Ranger round port 2 bbl intake I got off a 87 2.0 Ranger (it uses some jap type feedback carb).
For all you need to know see the Updated 2.0, 2.3, 2.5 engine family, click on the link below.
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