TRS New England Trail Ride – Spring 2006

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Story by Jeepman401

On June 3rd 2006 there was A TRS meet in CT. There were 11 trucks that attended- 10 rangers, and soloslim in his F-150. It was raining lightly, and it had been raining for a couple of days, so everyone was anticipating some good mud and slick rocks. 

We met at the Stop & Shop parking lot in hope valley RI at 10am on the 3rd. When we left there around 11am, there were 7 of us there. The rest of the group was delayed by traffic and met us later.  We left the parking lot and headed towards CT. Rhoderanger knows the area well, so he took us down a state forest road so we could kill some time while waiting for the rest of the group.

We all met up at a dirt lot on the side of the road in CT

We started off on the trail. It was easy at first, some water crossings, and some rocks to get past. Everyone was having fun.

Then we came across this hole. It was a bit deeper than the rest, so most of the smaller trucks went around.

Not Tireiron though. He went charging through, only to get halfway through and heard a loud band and then grinding noise from his rear end. He was able to back out, and it was determined he wasn’t going any further, so soloslim towed him back to the road.

At that point, some people decided to turn back. The rest of us kept going though. A bit further down the trail, we turned onto a smaller side trail that was narrower and a lot rockier in the bogs

there were a few stucks at that point, and some body damage, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed with a good swift kick.
We continued down the trail through some more rock bogs, some water crossings, and some mud.

We ended up meeting another club that was on a trailride too. They invited us to stop and eat with them, so we parked, and watched them play around on the rocks in their jeeps

We spent some time playing on the rocks. McRanger and SharperTouch tackled the harder sections.

from there we headed back to the trailhead, and from there, back to the parking area

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