About The 2.8L V6:

The Ford Cologne 2.8L V6 is a 60° cast iron block V6 engine built by the Ford Motor Company in Cologne, Germany.  The 2.8L engine in the Ranger is the same design as the 2.8 V-6 used since 1974 in the Ford and Mercury Capri vehicles.  A unique feature of the 2.8L is the timing gear vs a traditional timing chain (See picture below).

(Ford 2.8L – Timing Gear Shown)

2.8 Liter Specifications
Engine Family ‘Cologne’
Engine Displacement 171cid
Cylinders 6
Arrangement of Cylinders ‘V’ Shape
Bore x Stroke 3.66 x 2.70
Compression Ratio 8.7:1
Fuel System Carburetor
Horsepower 115 @ 4600rpm
Torque 150 @ 2600rpm
Oil Pressure 40-60psi @ 2000rpm

Tune Up

Spark Plug AWSF-42C
Spark Plug Gap 0.044
Ignition Timing 10 degrees BTDC
Firing Order 1-4-2-5-3-6
Distributor Rotation Clockwise
Valve Clearance Intake 0.014
Valve Clearance Exhaust 0.016


Oil Capacity With Filter 5qts
Cooling System Capacity (Quarts) W/AC- 7.2 /  W/O AC 7.8

Torque Specifications

Cylinder Head 70-85 ft-lbs [3-steps (29-40) (40-51) (70-85)]
Main Bearing Bolts 65-75 ft-lbs
Rod Bearing Bolts 19-24 ft-lbs
Crank Pulley Bolts 85-96 ft-lbs
Flywheel to Crankshaft Bolts 47-52 ft-lbs
Intake Manifold 15-18 ft-lbs [5-steps (hand start & snug) (3-6) (6-11) (11-15) (15-18) (Repeat 15-18 after warm up)]
Exhaust Manifold 20-30 ft-lbs

Valve Specifications

Seat Angle Degree 45
Face Angle Degree 44
Spring Test Pressure 143lbs @ 1.22in
Spring Installed Height 1.58-1.61in
Stem-to-Clearance Intake 0.0008-0.0025in
Stem-to-Clearance Exhaust 0.0018-0.0035in
Stem Diameter Intake 0.3159-0.3167in
Stem Diameter Exhaust 0.3149-0.3156in
Crankshaft Specifications
Main Bearing Journal Diameter 2.2433-2.2441in
Main Bearing Oil Clearance 0.0008-0.0015in
Shaft End-play 0.004-0.008in
Thrust on No. 3
Connecting Rod
Journal Diameter 2.1252-2.1260in
Oil Clearance 0.0006-0.0016in
Side Clearance 0.004-0.011in
Length 5.1386-5.1413in
Piston & Ring Specifications
Piston to Bore Clearance 0.0011-0.0019in
Ring Side Clearance Top Compression 0.0020-0.0033in
Ring Side Clearance Bottom Compression 0.0020-0.0033in
Ring Side Clearance Oil Control Snug
Ring Gap Top Compression 0.015-0.023in
Ring Gap Bottom Compression 0.015-0.023in
Ring Gap Oil Control 0.015-0.023in
Motorcraft 2150A Carburetor Specifications
Choke Pulldown Setting .136
Fast Idle Cam Setting 1984 V-notch
Fast Idle Cam Setting 1985 Hi-Cam
Dechoke Setting .250
Float Setting (Wet) .810
Float Setting (Dry) 7/16″ (1984) 1/16″ (1985)
Accelerator Pump Lever Location #4
Choke Cap Setting V-notch (1984) 3NR (1985)
Fast Idle 3000rpm

Firing Order 1-4-2-5-3-6 / Distributor Rotation – Clockwise

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