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Dearborn Michigan Meet 10/21/2018
Dearborn Michigan Meet 10/21/2018

Dearborn Michigan Meet 10/21/2018

Filed in Events by on October 25, 2018 • views: 2003

On Sunday 10/21/2018, Forum Moderator Caleb Johnson (fastpakr) and myself found ourselves flying to Detroit Michigan for a Ford event being held the following Monday. Since we were flying in the day before, we arrived early enough that we could meet up with some Ford Ranger and Bronco II enthusiasts. With less than a weeks […]


Overland Expo West – 2019 views: 557

Overland Expo West 2019 – And Why You Should Go To An Overland Expo! I love to travel and discover new areas. I’ve done everything from a random 1-day roadtrip, to a trip that lasted 22-days. These trips always involve me either sleeping in my vehicle, or a tent. There is an amazing sense of […]

PetesPonies 1983 Ford Ranger views: 1650

This 1983 Ford Ranger is the creation of forum member PetesPonies. It was originally brown and tan with a worn out interior, suspension, and brakes. The engine had been replaced, but the wiring was a mess. Pete completely redid the interior, stripped the brown/tan paint, and used a 1965 Ford Tropical Turquoise and Wimbledon White […]

SVT3773’s 1989 Ford Ranger views: 2277

This 1989 Ford Ranger belongs to forum member svt3773. It was voted as Truck Of The Month in 2014, and awarded the 2014 Mini Truck Of The Year by our forum members. Owner: svt3773 Vehicle: 1989 Ford Ranger Specifications: Engine & Transmission: 1997 Ford Explorer 5.0L (306 cid) with a F303 camshaft & MSD ignition […]

‘Fire In The Hole’ Monster Ranger views: 2711

Sometimes bigger can be better. Sometimes you just want to build something ridiculous for the fun of it. Even if it’s not practical to use every day. Forum member ‘parkrangerjeremy’ did just that. He had a 1993 Ford Ranger 4×4 that had a 6-inch lift, 3-inch body lift, and 35-inch Bogger tires, but he wanted […]