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Dearborn Michigan Meet 10/21/2018
Dearborn Michigan Meet 10/21/2018

Dearborn Michigan Meet 10/21/2018

Filed in Events by on October 25, 2018 • views: 1081

On Sunday 10/21/2018, Forum Moderator Caleb Johnson (fastpakr) and myself found ourselves flying to Detroit Michigan for a Ford event being held the following Monday. Since we were flying in the day before, we arrived early enough that we could meet up with some Ford Ranger and Bronco II enthusiasts. With less than a weeks […]


2019 Ford Ranger Raptor views: 189

Searching online for the Ford Ranger Raptor is usually nothing but stories about whether or not it will come to North America. Want to look at the Ford Ranger Raptor without all the hype and drama? Here it is. The Cockpit Get dialed in for performance. Body-contoured sports seats include unique Raptor head rests, bolsters, […]

Garagefabs’ 3.9L Cummins Ford Ranger views: 2202

One of the Ford Ranger enthusiasts that follow us on Instagram @therangerstationofficial is @garagefabs (Justin Randazzo) and his Cummins powered Ford Ranger. He’s built an impressive truck, and I follow his account for updates on his build. Some of this trucks cool features are: Unique Custom Front Frame Section Cummins 3.9L Diesel Engine 52mm Turbonetics Turbo NP435 Manual […]

First Drive: 2019 Ford Ranger On/Off Highway views: 1397

On December 14th, I participated in a ‘Media Drive’ to finally test drive the 2019 Ford Ranger. Due to the number of people attending, and the number of trucks, I shared a Ford Ranger with my friend and automotive writer Steve Turner. We ended up with a white Supercab Lariat 4×4 with push button start. […]

Darren Parsons Ranger Raptor views: 1527

Darren Parsons posted his Ford Ranger project in our forum back in 2012. A lot has changed since then. Like many projects, they are always evolving. Looking at this Ranger, it may be confusing as to what it really is. It started life as a 1993 Ford Ranger. It was updated with fiberglass body panels […]