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2002 Ford Ranger Lightning Bolt
2002 Ford Ranger Lightning Bolt

2002 Ford Ranger Lightning Bolt

Filed in 1998-2011 Ford Ranger 2WD, Concept Vehicles by on March 15, 2003 • views: 2851

Call it trickle down performance. After all the years of attention and engineering paid by Ford to the superb SVT Lightning F-150 muscle truck, some of that high-octane magic has finally reached Ford’s compact pickup in the form of the SVT Lightning Bolt Ranger concept. The idea for the Lightning Bolt Ranger began with Ford […]


Jeremy Fitzpatrick’s 1991 Ford Ranger views: 1148

One of the trucks that quickly got everyone’s attention at the 20th Anniversary Trail Ride was Jeremy Fitzpatrick’s 1991 Ford Ranger 4×4. What really surprised many of us is that he actually took the Ranger off-road. We’re glad he brought it out for us to enjoy, and pretty cool to actually see him take it […]

Ford Ranger ‘Trigger’ views: 1858

The French company Arquus presents a new generation of its ALTV (Armored Light Tactical Vehicle) under the name of Trigger. The Trigger is a 4×4 light tactical vehicle based on a Ford Ranger chassis which can be configured for different roles and missions. The Trigger is able to be used as troop’s carrier and logistic […]

The ‘Loan Ranger’ – 2019 Ford Ranger FX4 views: 1901

(Looks like a backdrop, but this photo was really taken in Colorado!) In March 2019, Ford loaned me a 2019 Ford Ranger FX4 to use for 6-months to celebrate 20-years of TheRangerStation.com. Ford allowed me to modify the truck as long as I didn’t drill any holes in it, or permanently mount anything to it. […]

Overland Expo West – 2019 views: 1851

Overland Expo West 2019 – And Why You Should Go To An Overland Expo! I love to travel and discover new areas. I’ve done everything from a random 1-day roadtrip, to a trip that lasted 22-days. These trips always involve me either sleeping in my vehicle, or a tent. There is an amazing sense of […]