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What size tires can I fit on my truck? (FAQ)

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Whats the largest tire I can fit on my Ranger/Explorer/Bronco II?

Stock trucks:
4x4 Rangers & all Explorer & Bronco II:

For '83-'92 4x4 Rangers and all Bronco II, you can fit up to a 30x9.50R15 (235/75R15) using the stock rims.

On '93-'09 4x4 Rangers (and all Edge/Trailhead models), a 31x10.50R15 or a 265/75R16 will fit, depending on if you have the 15" or 16" stock wheels (16s are common on '98-'09)

'91-'01 Explorers (all) should be able to accommodate a 31x10.50R15 or 265/75R16 on stock rims.

2WD (Ranger):

83-'92: 225/75R15 will fit using a 15x7" wheel with a 4.5" backspace. Some reports of 235/75R15 fitting have also been posted.
For stock 14" wheels, a 27x8.50R14 or 225/70R14 will fit.

'93-'09: 235/75R15 will fit on the same wheel described above. 28x8.50R14 or 235/75R14 for 14" wheels.

***Nico Butts head in here***
235/70-16s on any 16 inch ranger, explorer or mustang rim will fit. Stick with a ranger or explorer rim though because with the mustang rims it will rub the back alittle. Other then that clearence is fine and it will sit you a good 3" over stock.

Lifted trucks:

Tire fitment on lifted trucks can vary due to actual lift height and wheel size used.
In general, a 31x10.50R15 will fit on '83-'92 4x4 models with 3" lift, 33x12.50s with 6" lift.
On '93-'09 4x4 models, 33x12.50 will fit with 3-4" lift. 35x12.50R15 will fit with a 6" lift. Slight rubbing may still occur with 35x12.50 when offroad, however. Very slight fender trimming can eliminate it.
Generally a narrower rim (15x7 or 15X8) will let you fit a larger diameter tire than a wide one (15x10).

For lifted 2WD Rangers, 31x10.50 will fit with 3" lift. With 5.5-6" lift, a 33x12.50 will fit '93-'08 models.

These figures are somewhat on the conservative side. You may be able to go up one size larger than described here if you don't mind a little bit of tire rub. Some forum users here run 32x11.50s or 33x10.50s on their stock '93-'97 models, and 285/75R16 on '98-'09 models without problems.

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