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Spencer Elder

New Member
Oct 2, 2007
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Idaho Falls, ID
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2.9 V6
Well I just wanted all you guys on here thanks for giving me the insperation to rebuild my truck and get 1-1 with it the truck belonged to my hunting buddy who passed away a few years ago on his long ride with is new road bike had a heart attack while on it and went down a enbankment and later died... so this truck has a lot of value others wouldn't think there'd be any... i just repalced the rear-end from a 3SE73 to a open rear and then the front end with the same and trading out the transfer case and then putting in a new clutch and while im there im painting the frame with the spray on type truck-bed coating...
PLANS after i pay all my bills
Warn Hubs
15" rims from my buddy who is the army im gonna put 30 or 31's
put in a lock rite in the rear then the same in the front
and then a suspension lift probly aroung 2-5" inches not sure yet
2.5 exaust with flowmaster

I picked me up some stock seats for 100$ and going to completly clean my whole interior of the truck out i got a lot of future plans and stuff already done so i'll keep you guys updated and im gonna Sport the TRS window sticker and post pictures here soon of the finished RBV Thanks a ton TRS

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