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CRAZY ATV issue!


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Oct 16, 2009
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Well, this isnt really an issue, whereas something cool i found out.

Ok, so on my kawasaki ATV, the original sparkbox died so i wired in a duraspark box in becuase the difference in price from the makeshift ford replacment and the real part was about 230$....with the durapspark being 30$ and the replacment being 260$. Well, im thinking ethier the spark is too hot allowing the motor to get to hot, or the timing is off, cuasing the same result.

Heres the CRAZY part. For one, once the motor gets nice and warm it will diesel like crazy. Sometimes it idles smoother when its dieseling, then with the on/off switch in the run position....well until the motor cools down enough to not support compression ignitied combustion. (BTW i am running 93 octane, and the motor is pretty much stock, so i know something is not right)
But heres the kicker....ready? When im getting on it, and the rpms are high right before im about to shift, if it turn the on/off switch to the OFF position, as in NO spark going to the motor....its like hitting a NOS button.

I was doing it all day yesterday....everytime i heard the engine starting to scream i would briefly flip the switch to OFF, and get yanked back by the increase in speed. If you leave the switch OFF to long though, it will eventually sputter and pop and you have to flip it back to ON or else it will stall. Well unless its screaming in 5th gear, once it has high enough RPMs in 5th it will actually sustain the deseling enough to keep riding it all day long with the switch off. aslong as you keep the rpms up in 5th gear. And trust me, doing that the thing is FLYING.

Also, i completely understand that this is f***ing the motor up. But its on its last leg anyways, and still takes a friggin beating. I have already locked up the motor twice due to a lack of oil, and drifting to cuase the oil pressure to drop while the motor is screaming. So yeah, really dont care too much if it blows up....kinda planning on putting a sutable street bike engine in it once this poor engine finally croakes.

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