auto dimming mirror wiring


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Good morning.

I pulled an auto dimming mirror fom ann 05 Explorer (pretty sure it was 05) to put in my 93 Ranger. I searched for a while for a wiring diagram, but haven't found one yet that matches the wire colors exactly. Most of what I have found is for F150's and excursions, which seems to be similar but not identicle. The harness coming off this mirror has 3 wires that I THINK should connect like this;

Black - ground

gray w/ yellow stripe - power. I assume it should be ACC power, not hot all the time. I don't see why this would need to be powered with key off.

black with purple or pink stripe - This hooks to reverse lights to disable auto-dimming when backing up?

Can anyone verify or correct this info? Also, I f you can verify which pins on the mirror handle the other functions, I might use that info also. such as output for auto-headlights.

I also got the compass module that clips on the mirror stalk. Was hoping I could use that also. But it appears that the compass does not actually display in the mirror. Not sure what else I would need to get to make that work and display somewhere. If it's simple, let me know. Otherwise, if anyone needs a compass module, offer me a few bucks plus shipping and it's yours. Wires are complete down to the plug near the base of the A-pillar.

edit; Thought I should mention that this mirror may be a slightly newer version. It does NOT have the slide switch to control delay. This mirror has an On/Off button, sensor and led at the bottom on the side that faces the driver. It has a sensor also on the front side. Not sure what the led is for.
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