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97 2.3 rough idle


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Dec 4, 2010
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Cherry Hill, NJ
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After cleaning the MAF, IAC, installing a new air filter, fuel filter, installing a few new vacuum hoses I still had a rough idle. I even got some seafoam and ran in through the brake booster hose and in the fuel tank but still had that erratic idle.
I planned on doing new plugs and wires but was in no way in the mood to try and change them myself.
I did a lot of research on this forum as to what plugs I should get so according to the general consensus I had my Mechanic install the Motorcraft SP 439 plugs and wires and I had him shoot the new PCV valve in while he was at it. He said the old PCV valve was not in the hole- so that is probably where I was getting that erratic idle from.

Finally my truck is running super smooth! :yahoo:

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